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  • November 20, 2008

iVisit.comHave you been looking for a solution for your business communications? iVisit combines audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, presentation, and desktop sharing into a single powerful unified communication solution. iVisit works on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices, enabling cross carrier and cross platform connectivity.

Revolutionize the way you use your mobile device. Use your mobile phone to transmit live video to any mobile or desktop user. Share an exciting experience, supervise a mobile workforce, or video chat from anywhere.

iVisit allows simultaneous video chat of up to 8 users on a mobile device. iVisit also brings a fresh option to the desktop market with affordable conference as well as collaboration features. You’ll be able to assist and interact with your workforce on the field, as well as attend online meetings with clients and affiliates in remote locations.

Using this service you’ll be able to reduce travel, training, and other events as it allows organizations as well as individuals to easily interact with each other in a way that’s more effective and productive.

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