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  • June 25, 2008

Cnv-Corvettes.comCorvettes are one of the America’s most popular vehicles. Throughout the years, Corvettes have become more popular and even collectibles.

If you are one of those cars lovers or Corvette collectors, you have reached the right place. is a site that offers you all kind of Corvettes; old and new, coupe, and more different models. There are over 100 coupes for you to choose. In the site you will be able to view the picture gallery; if you are a car lover, you will probably go crazy. At you will also be able to find finance information. You sure want that beautiful, expensive Corvette that will last for ever. But, have you thought about your wife? You don’t want to be kicked out from your house. Instead, check out the finance info and invite her to click on the “For the Ladies” link. Visit for more Corvette info.

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