Building A New Website? 13 Things To Ask Your Developer For

  • January 3, 2013

Consumer ADD is only getting worse. Web development teams must not only know how to create through programming, but they must also be passionate about consumer behavior. More is not better. Developers should aim to marry style and simplicity to avoid stirring feelings of overwhelm or distraction…


What’s Really Powering The Internet? (Infographic From Flippa)

  • January 2, 2013

You don’t get to $90 million in website and domain sales without learning a few things along the way. At, we see hundreds of new listings every week, and keep a close eye on the trends. What’s most in demand? Which types of sites are no longer popular with buyers? We took data from the last year of…


WordPress As A Platform: The Three Components That Are Leading This Transformation

  • July 9, 2012

Some simple statistics: WordPress currently is behind 50% of the top 100 blogs, as well as 14.7% of the top million blogs worldwide. In the US alone, for every 100 new domains, 22 use WordPress. Although it began as a simple open source project and blogging platform, WordPress has evolved and grown significantly since. With increasingly sophisticated platforms and themes, by 2004 WordPress had become a fully developed content management system. Today, WordPress serves more as a development framework or PaaS (Platform as a Service). In the last year alone, a few new services have come up that have matured WordPress into a true platform. The following provides a description on these previously missing pieces and how they have help propel WordPress forward.

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Who’s The Right Fit For Small Business? WordPress VS Light CMS

  • April 30, 2012

The need for a company website is evident for any business no matter how big or small. Sometimes it’s even a matter of survival. Starting a website can be difficult due to the wide array of factors you need to address. What are you able to afford? What site will get you the notice you need? Who the heck is really the best fit?

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More – CMS For Web Professionals

  • October 27, 2011

PolarisCMS.comWeb designers wanting to provide your customers with a much more professional service all around, this is the platform you’ve been looking for. PolarisCMS is a content management system that’s been specifically built for web designers and developers. It comes with enough features to let you create websites meeting the requirements of even the most demanding of clients. You’ll be able to build both ecommerce and non-commerce websites, and include everything from shopping carts, widgets, add-ons and flash banners to virtually anything a client could ask for.

If the client wants to have a site in which the right mouse click is disabled, then you’ll be able to do it. If the client asks you for a site featuring an appointment scheduler, you’ll get it together in the blink of an eye. If the client requests an extranet, some printable coupons, an automated registration form, and pretty much anything you could think of, then you’re having no problem getting that in place. PolarisCMS is powerful-enough to let you handle the most taxing of requests.

And you know what’s best? That you can try it for free, and without even having to submit your credit card information at that. Once you’re ready to buy a membership, you can get one for $ 39.99 (to be paid monthly), and begin doing all that was described above in a completely personalized way. You’ll get a control panel from which to manage all your clients, and you’ll also get 24/7 ticket support from the company.

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More – CMS For Web Designers

  • July 25, 2011

Sushiworks.comWe can define Sushiworks as a content management system for web designers. It enables them to focus on what they love doing best (designing great sites), and forget all about the technical aspects and considerations that go with having to update its actual content. That is done by their clients themselves, using a branded control panel in order to manage everything. And when it comes to updating the actual HTML and CSS, that can be done with complete independence of the content that is uploaded by the clients. It is all implemented by adding a couple of tags to the site that is being worked upon.

As a service, Sushiworks is available for a low monthly fee which is paid while the site in question is live. Three plans are provided: Personal, Business and Business PRO. The main difference lies in the maximum number of allowed pageviews. All three plans come with support for an unlimited number of pages, links, and admin users.

And there are no long term commitments. The service can be terminated just whenever the user wants.

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More – Build Sites For Free

  • July 25, 2011

Zazavi.comIf the thought of having your very own website is intermingled with images of one screen after the other of complex code then you have some catching up to do. That has stopped being the case a long, long time ago. Nowadays, having a website is something that lies within the grasp of just anybody. People who have never coded anything in their lives can have an articulate website with zero effort. What? Don’t believe it? Well, this site will show you the way everything stands right now, and how easily you can claim a corner of the Internet to display your own creative work.

Zazavi is a free service that lets people build up their very own sites, without having to do anything technical at all. It is all executed by manually placing elements into position, and defining the relevant interactions. And all the content to be hosted can be managed using a truly lightweight CMS that you actually download to your computer and launch whenever you have anything new to add to your website.

Plus, Zazavi comes with analytics and statistics for understanding the behavior of your visitors, and knowing which kind of content they react more positively to. So, not only will you be able to have a website of your own if you go for this service – you will actually be able to have a website people are surely going to like.

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More – CMS For Mobile Apps

  • July 16, 2011

StorageRoomApp.comStorage Room stands as content management system for mobile applications. Developers can use it to let editors work on the actual content of their apps, without having to worry about the installation or the scaling of anything. This CMS effectively takes away all the technical considerations that could bring an app down when someone tries to update its content, and has it replaced with an interface which turns everything into a stress-free task both for developers and content editors.

When using Storage Room, all the data go into “Collections” (IE, containers) where everything is kept, and the structure of the content itself is defined. One Collection equals one set of content.

A tiered approach to pricing ensures there is going to be a plan for everybody here. Four are available, covering the needs of freelancers, small teams and hefty companies by letting them build up and manage a different number of collections each. They go by the names of Basic, Plus, Premium and Max. All plans are billed monthly, and they come with a free 30-day trial. Pricing starts at $ 12

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More – Update Your Site Via Email

  • June 6, 2011

Send2Page.comWith its ability to let webmasters update their sites by doing something as simple as sending out an email, Send2page stands as a valuable alternative to all the content management systems available elsewhere. Send2Page effectively puts an end to having to log in to a control panel in order to edit content and then apply all the changes that are made. By using this service everything is handled from your email inbox. You will be able to type what needs to be changed or added, and use different colors, fonts, pictures, links and attachments. Then, by sending the email from whichever device you are using to access the Internet you will be implementing such changes.

And a really nice feature is that you can have contributors add their very own content as well. Send2Emai makes for allowing others to contribute to your site in exactly the same way that was mentioned above (IE, writing an email and sending it out). In each and every case, note that you (as the webmaster) will be able to approve what is being submitted. So, the risks of anything inappropriate going live on your site and being seen by your loyal followers is all but non-existent.

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More – Simple & Fast CMS

  • February 22, 2011

Get-Simple.infoGet Simple is a new content managements system that intends to leave its mark by being really open and accessible. Get Simple has a user interface that lives up to the name of the application, and a plug-in system that will let you expand all its basic functionalities until you have something covering your every need.

One of the most salient aspects of Get Simple is its ability to let users undo virtually everything they do, and the fact that XML is used to store information (instead of mySQL) means that the whole application has a higher response time than sites powered up by mySQL databases.

The newest version of Get Simple can be downloaded at no cost, and the latest documentation is likewise available for you to download and consult when you are offline. And just in case you are interested, you can also get your hands on the betas that have been released before.

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More – Build Your Own Q & A Site

  • November 12, 2010

FamousQuestions.comFamous Questions CMS is a content management platform for those who want to build and run their very own Q & A niche websites. Medicine, law, literature, sports… sites dealing with these topics (and more) can be created in just a couple of clicks.

You will be able to implement all the features that one associates with sites of such nature. That is, you will be able to feature tabs with the most recent questions in order to let the members of your community know what has been happening as of late, and you will also be allowed to create a tab listing all the questions that are yet to be answered.

And each and every question can be voted up and down by users, with the most voted ones being displayed on the site for all to see.

Also, the newest members of each Q & A site can be highlighted on the main page, and the tags that are more recurrent can also be individualized for people to see the topics that dominate interactions.

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More – PSD To HTML Conversion Services

  • August 29, 2010

CodeMyImage.comCode My Image is a company that specializes in providing PSD to HTML conversion services. That is, the company can take any common design that you have and have it converted into a live web page.

By hiring such a service, you are ensuring that the job will be done by professional coders and you will also free a lot of time to work in the actual design. The coding process and its every technicality will become something you won’t even have to think about.

The process in which you submit your design and have it coded is as simple as it could be. You just provide the company with the digital design that you need turned into code along with any special instructions, and the company will take care of having it converted to W3C compliant, cross-browser compatible code.

You can read about the fees that are charged on the site. Special discounts are offered for 5 or more pages, and in each and every case one run of edits is always provided. And a money back guarantee is part of the package, too.

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More – A Flexible Collaboration & CMS Platform

  • June 18, 2010

WordFrame.comWordFrame Integra is a new collaboration platform that makes for the better-management of content. This platform is based on standard Microsoft ASP.

NET technology, and you (as the user) are given absolute control over the creative experience. You can choose between having everything hosted on the cloud, and employing your own IT infrastructure.

The platform itself is built around different blocks (or templates) that you can pick individually in order to build up a framework that will cover all you business needs. Currently, there are templates for search, support and community blogging. New ones are being constantly developed, too. And you can give your site as much privacy or accessibility as you could possible want by setting the relevant structure (user only, group, public, private…)

A one-year license can be bought on the site for a price that (as of the time of writing this) amounts to $ 349 per template. Of course, you can give WordFrame a try for free. Simply click on the link that reads “Download (1 Month Trial)” in order to pick the blocks you want and get going.

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More – A Very Simple Content Management System

  • June 4, 2010

gpEasy.comIn case you are looking for content management solutions for your company, could be the right site for you to visit. The services provided by this website give you the chance to create websites with a simple to use interface. offers a content management system and document management software that may be of your interest.

Are you looking for Joomla software or Joomla templates? Do you want to use Drupal on your website? If that is so, is a good option to keep in mind. On this website you will be able to download document management software, in addition to Xoops software and content management software for your website for free.

Remember Gp Easy CMS next time you need to be informed about the services this company offers, including Drupal solutions and Joomla software, as well as a content management system to help you create your website.

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More – A New Content Management System

  • May 12, 2010

Osmek.comOsmek is a new service that makes creating content and having it spread all over the Web a very smooth task indeed. Some of the things that Osmek can do include managing a blog, hosting photos and videos and tracking email campaigns.

And tasks such as dealing with banners and comments from any site of yours is something done in an equally easy way.

Upon registering and creating an account you will be able to have your pick from 10 different modules such as “Photos”, “Site Settings” and “Podcasts” – that is, the modules that provide the core functionalities of the whole content management system. Modules can then be expanded and extended by attaching files to them, or by tagging content with keywords.

As a platform, Osmek has the advantage of being based on the cloud – IE, there is no need to install or upgrade anything if you decide to use it. Besides, the provided API lets you access your account in any format that you fancy – JSON, XML, HTL, serialized PHP… most people’s preferences are surely covered already.

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More – Let Your Users Have Their Say

  • May 3, 2010

Meeplace.comIf you have a site in which you sell anything, giving happy customers a chance to show how satisfied they are is not only a good idea – it is actually an essential move towards drawing new customers in. And a system like Meeplace will enable you to add such an option to your website – it is a script that upon installed will let your visitors give their opinion on anything that you are listing online.

Besides, your customers are provided with the chance to invite their friends directly to the site if they are really happy with the services and/or items that you provide. And the fact that their reviews can include media such as videos makes everything even more dynamic and representative for all.

As it was to be expected, you (as the webmaster) can edit what is posted and also filter out inappropriate content. You can also claim listings, and (overall) ensure that what is being said through these reviews is something that paints an accurate picture of your online store.

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More – A CMS For Business Users

  • April 15, 2010

SwizzleCMS.comSwizzle is a new application that is aimed at business owners who want to boost the standing of their companies. If we want to be completely accurate, Swizzle is not one application – rather, it is a collection of different applications rolled into the same package for ease of use and convenience.

But these different tools and the functionalities that are offered are focused on the same goal: increasing any business’ efficiency.

You see, using this system it is possible to take care of the management of content such as pages, blogs and forums as well as setting up an online store that you can use in order to sell off your products. And when you have a loyal number of customers, they become manageable through Swizzle as well – an integrated CRM makes for keeping track of what each customer wants and orders.

For its part, operations such as email marketing are fully supported and you can use your existing database in order to launch the whole campaign. And a full set of analytics is provided for you to measure how successful you are doing.

Moreover, specific business requirements can be implemented by way of any of the provided modules. These will let mostly anybody maximize the way that Swizzle functions without needing to be proficient (or even conversant) when it comes to coding and programming.

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