More – Making Clear Where Responsibilty Starts & Ends

  • October 21, 2009

Cmp.lyAs versatile as the WWW has turned everything, there are some issues that are always bound to cause controversy. One of them is the copyright of files that are published online.

That is a pivotal one, actually. Another is the disclosure of responsibility when it comes to material goods which one reviews or analyzes as part of his/her blog. This site aims to bring some transparency into that case. We can define it as a convention for disclosure when it comes to every form of digital communication, including SMS and tweets. The site offers users 6 different types of disclosures that include “Given a sample by vendor/agency/brand” and “employer/shareholder/business relationship” to name but two. Also, the sixth and final form of disclosure is a custom one. That one is not yet available, incidentally – work on it is still underway.

The digital age has brought along a series of definitive changes, and the material connection to whatever one publishes must be made clear in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises afterward. If you are a blogger, I do recommend you pay this site a visit just to know where you stand and avoid any unnecessary complications.

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