More – Looking After Your Infrastructure

  • October 20, 2010

Cmdbcloud.comCmdbcloud is a platform that makes for the management of both cloud and physical environments. By using this platform you will be able to visualize everything in a consolidated way, see the interdependency between different configuration items and then implement all the changes to your infrastructure that you deem as necessary.

The main value of a system like Cmdbcloud is that it can let you understand how the business services that you render can be affected by unexpected changes, and eliminate security threats to your network even before they materialize.

Currently, there are three small business and three enterprise plans available. The core differences are the number of supported users and network nodes. All plans come with the same alerting capabilities (RSS, email, SMS) and change management tools. They likewise have the same cloud connectivity. And a discovery add-on named JDisc Discovery is also available for those who are interested in it, and who are willing to pay the price (it is not included as part of any of the featured plans).

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