More – Watch Videos Without Distractions

  • October 28, 2011

Clea.nrA Cleaner Internet is a company that creates and publishes free add-ons and extensions that basically make sites like YouTube and Amazon easier to navigate. The add-ons and extensions created by this company do mostly the same: decrease the amount of clutter found on all of the supported sites, and reduce your chances of being distracted when you’re there.

Take the one named “ Videos for YouTube”, for instance. When installed, that one is letting you strip YouTube of all that could make you lose focus. It will take away the comments, the ratings, the lists of related videos… what will remain is the video, and a search bar for finding new clips to watch. is a service that brings any site it touches to its bare bones.

In any case, a link of the bottom of the page will let you have comments, favorites and additional content displayed at a click. So, if any video really makes you feel like knowing more about any specific topic then you’ll be able to dig deeper into it. All you have to do is to call back YouTube’s navigation menu, and start browsing through content that is related as you would usually do.

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More – Get Rid Of Clutter & Find What You Need

  • March 24, 2009

Reyooz.comIf your living room resembles a warehouse of unused items, a site like this one will let you get yourself more self-organized. In essence, this British startup lets you offer these items that are redounding to clutter for free to others who are interested in them, and that will put these very same items to good use.

Of course, the site also works the other way around – if you are looking for some thing that you need, then you can resort to the provided search tool and see if someone near you is offering the corresponding items.

The site is completely free to use, and you won’t be charged for posting your items in here. Likewise, you won’t have to pay a thing for procuring any item that is listed online. If you are looking for a source of income or generating a revenue, you should look elsewhere. But if you are looking into joining a community that has the aim of helping each other out and doing something towards protecting the environment then this site will fit you like a glove.

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More – Quality Feather Dusters

  • December 3, 2008

FeatherDusterDepot.comAre you one of those people that are accustomed to cleaning with feather dusters? These days it can be hard to find this particular product on the market, especially of good quality. If you’re tired of looking for feather dusters in stores and having no luck at all finding some that meet your needs, fret no further.

At you’ll be able to find a wide variety of quality feather dusters, perfect for all your dusting needs. This online store offers only the very best in dusters. Their products come in different sizes and are made with authentic ostrich feathers, providing you with the type of cleaning you desire.

These dusters will last you a lifetime. The site has many testimonials from happy customers who have been using these products and wouldn’t change them for the world. Here internet customers are able to find exactly what they want instantly, and don’t have to rely on mega-department stores any longer.

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More – Fine Desk Accessories

  • August 4, 2008

Deskology.comIf you’re like me, then your desk is a combination of scrap pieces of papers, cell phones, iPods, and maybe even a computer mouse under all the rubbish. Deskology.

com has a solution to all of your desk cluttering problems. On the site, you’ll be able to find the DeskSet family of products. These stylish pieces of desk hardware are sure to bring out the best from your current Mac computer. All of the products seem to be both simple and easy to use, letting you get along with your work day without having the products bother you. Since this is a brand new company, they still care about what their costumers have to say about their products. If you just bought one of their desk accessories and have ideas on how to improve them, then you should write them some lines about it. This will allow them to improve on future releases of the DeskSet line of products.

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More – Self Storage & Moving Centers

  • April 7, 2008

UncleBobs.comClutter in a house seems to reproduce during the night: it’s just uncontrollable, so if you don’t want to put yourself through the process of thinking what to throw away and what to keep, or maybe you’re leaving for a period, or maybe you have a corpse you don’t know where to stash (I got this idea from a movie), you can always leave it with Uncle Bob, who owns nothing less than 266 self-storage facilities across the country. By visiting this site, you can search for storage room close to you, find what special features are available at that particular location (like humidity control, 24 hour access, electricity in storage, etc), find detailed pricing information and a space estimator tool which will help you figure out how much you’ll have to pay Bob for keeping your stuff.

Uncle Bob’s also has truck rental and moving services, and you can find out all about these services by visiting the site too. Also, you can make this a good learning opportunity, as the site presents a variety of articles and guides to storing stuff in order to optimize space and boxes. An extremely convenient feature about this site is that users can log on to the site and view their accounts, and pay for them online, which is the whole point of a service like this one: to be able to go away and manage stuff from a distance.

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More – Organize your searches

  • September 6, 2007 is a Google-looking search engine that specializes in organizing searches to help the user quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Users input their key words and results appear normally in the center of the page but on the left there is a listing of categories where similar sites are clustered together. By skimming this list, users can help specify and direct the search. The categories are very helpful and assist users who use vague key words. The categories also have sub-categories and sub-sub-categories to really pinpoint the desired search results. The design is similar to Google, with a few tabs directing the initial search. On the tabs include web, directory, images, news and an option to add a custom tab. To do this users must log in but the possibilities are amazing. Users can add searches including databases from the US Navy site to Lonely Planet to the IRS. The results are still slightly cluttered but the information is closer to what the searcher is really looking to find.

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More – Life Rankings & Analytics

  • August 23, 2007

MyProgress.comType A´s listen up. In the crazy game we call our life, we know we have money, friends, knowledge, and power- but we have no idea how much.

Now, we can statistically track progress in terms of all those things. helps users keep a documented map of their assets in an organized and competitive fashion. Sure, your mom tells you that you are smart and successful, but can tell you how much you are worth, how productive you are, what you know, and exactly where you fall among your peers. Rankings are made within age groups, professions, interests, and locations so users can be sure that atleast they´re not coming in last…although someone does have to fall in that spot. To make sure that poor soul isn´t you, will give you visual motivation to improve or stay at the top with easy to read charts, graphs, and statistics. Users can build financial forecasts and calculate their wealth with up to the moment exchange rates. This personal progress management is the solution for what the founders call ¨life detail clutter.¨ By documenting essential data daily, users will be running a current life log where all their clutter is organized and availble for scrutiny.

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