More – Things To Do Where You Live

  • September 13, 2011

BuzzAroundMe.comThe type of service that’s sure to let you find something exciting to do even in the dullest of days, Buzz Around Me can show you exactly what its name suggests. By merely specifying where you are, it can tell you about all the activity that’s going on close to your location. And it can do so in a very relatable way, too, since the application comes with built-in maps that are updated in real time. So, you get to know about the coolest of places and events right as they are becoming popular.

That alone would make Buzz Around Me an incredibly useful service for all these evenings when the place you live seems to be as animated as a ghost town, but what really makes the service super-usable is that it can tell you which of your friends are going to be at any place you might be interested in heading to. In practice, this ensures that you won’t have to text message your friends to know where they are any more – a simple visit to this site will let you know at once. And it will also let you know where that ex you’d rather not run into is. Important.

Buzz Around Me arrives somewhere services like Going and Nightfeed have already been making inroads. It remains moot whether people decide they need yet another service in this vein.

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More – Find The Best Parties And Events

  • July 8, 2011 stands as one of the most interesting alternatives on the Internet for knowing where to go and have a truly great night out. Not only does the site les you know about where the greatest parties and events are, it actually brings together videos showing you what to expect if you do decide to visit any of these happening spots. Every single featured party/event is rated by users. And full integration with social networking sites makes for having a more relatable experience in just every sense. Posting updates of what any hot spot is like has never been this faster and direct before.

Besides, makes for following both these DJs and places that you take a linking to. So, if you ever go to a party that has a DJ who is phenomenal you will be able to start following him around, and know where to head to when all you need is some music to lose yourself into. And a hotlist is likewise provided, letting you know what the most popular party attendees look like before even setting foot on a club yourself.

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More – Rate Clubs And Events

  • June 22, 2011

HeatMapz.comLocation-based platform such as Foursquare have made us more exigent. We know we have the right to demand more and more from the Internet when it comes to going out with our friends, and having a great time together. It is not enough to know where people are going to be on any given night. No, we want more. We want to know how cool/lame any venue is, and avoid wasting time on a trip to some club at the other end of the city which just falls flat in every sense. And that is exactly what this new service delivers.

HeatMapz lets people rate any club or party they are attending. The idea is that these scores are aggregated and displayed to help those who are thinking about attending such an event make a faster (and more accurate) decision. Determining which events are plain boring and which are terrific is done on the spot. And users of HeatMapz also get a chance to be admitted on venues for free, and even get some free drinks once they get there. If that fails to set the night going in the best of ways, then I am afraid nothing will.

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More – Live Cameras In The Best Bars In Town

  • May 9, 2011

BarSpace.tvThis is the right service for those among you who have no other worry in life than finding the best parties and events to attend. Well, will give you that very same information, and it will give it to you in a way you are sure to enjoy: by way of live cameras at these venues where all the fun is taking place.

That is the heart and soul of the site: letting you see what things are like at the hottest spots in town. Yet, the appeal of the site goes well beyond that as users of have access to vouchers and coupons, as well as text message specials. So, the site makes it possible for people both to know which the happening spots are, and how to maximize a visit to there should they decide to give them a try in person.

And an iPhone app is available, which makes just too much sense – those who like to go from one bar to the other until the morning comes could never have the service any other way.

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More – Find Parties In Your State

  • May 3, 2011

PartyTell.comA website like PartyTell puts an end to all the excuses there could be for not doing something memorable on any given night. On this site you will be able to find the coolest parties and events taking place throughout the United States. Just by choosing the State and the city you are in from the relevant drop down menus you will get a full overview of all the activity going on in that locality. And the site also makes for finding clubs and hot spots in an equally easy way.

On the other hand, party promoters, DJs and musicians can become listed on the PartyTell database at no cost. Yet, those who are looking for a little more exposure can go for the one paid plan that is available, and that will give them a listing both on the PartyTell website and on Facebook and Twitter, and also the chance to have flyers produced and delivered by the company. The price of this plan will depend on the actual number of flyers that the user wants to have printed and distributed.

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More – Connect With Other Sportsmen

  • September 30, 2010

Sport-Tribe.comWe can define Sport Tribe as an online sport directory that can be searched by just anybody, anywhere. The site includes comprehensive information both on clubs and events, and people who lead active lives can find sporting partners wherever they are located.

The goal of this site is to gather together not just information about “big” events, but also about local ones IE, the kind that are seldom publicised online, and that only those who live in the area where they are held get to know anything about.

Terminologically, the site uses the expression “Tribe” to refer to the link between any country with any sport. By joining a tribe, you will be capable of learning more about clubs and events connected with that sport, in that specific location. And keep in mind that events can be both one-offs and regular events (like a marathon that is run in a specific city every year and so on).

When all is said and done, the site plays out its role of connecting sportsmen all over the world more than adequately. And it is free to join and use, too, so if you want to see how well-represented the sport you are keen on is simply sign up and find it out for yourself.

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More – An Automated Take On Bookkeeping

  • February 5, 2010

iCashBook.comb>iCashBook is a new solution that has the aim of making accountancy accessible to just everybody. The basic premise is that of turning the manual process that we all know and are frustrated by and turn it into as much of an automated task as possible.

That is achieved by having bank statement data delivered straight to your iCashBook account on a daily basis, thus freeing you from the hassle of typing down that information manually. You can then arrange these transactions by dragging and dropping them into the relevant “income” and “expenditure” categories.

Further features include tools for taking care of bank reconciliations as well as overlapped transactions and complex operations. Besides, a “TooHard Basket” is provided for you to deal with these transactions that you fail to classify, let alone understand or make sense of.

Other than that, iCashBook has all the advantages that we readily associate with web-based solutions – you don’t need to deploy anything into any server, there is no need to configure or update anything, and as long as you have a web-enabled computer close at hand you will be capable of seeing how your finances are doing.

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More – Finding New Places Through Your Friends

  • December 11, 2009

Placebeat.comThose of you who have fallen for Facebook and social networking on the whole are well advised to set your browsers to the Placebeat website. In principle, it offers a functionality that will empower you to take your Facebook experience one step further and find new places you might like to hang out through a reliable source indeed: your friends.

That is, Placebeat will let you see which social haunts and venues are among your friends’ favorite ones and present the connections back to you so that you become aware of which places those you have chosen to befriend online are partial to. That is certainly more effective than carrying out a search and reading reviews that have been penned by people you know nothing about.

Moreover, each spot that is recommended through this service is spotlighted by way of images and videos that (again) come from your Facebook friends. Since cities from all over the world are covered, chances are that if the concept at the heart of Placebeat sounds enticing you will be able to see it in full swing just by visiting the site.

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More – Activ Trax Workouts

  • September 19, 2009

Are you a fitness club member? Are you bored of the same workouts? If your answer is yes, you might find of interest. This is the official site of Activ Rax, a web based application that delivers personalized work out programs to member of fitness clubs.

If you are searching for couch training online, make sure to visit This website will provide you with different work out plans, including weight loss management and nutrition, progress tracking and exercise. On this website you will find new ab exercises, while you learn to eat healthy. is the site you should stop by in case you need to improve your exercise performance. This site works as a couch, and guide you through work out plans that include a routine of exercises, nutrition facts, and progress tracking. Remember next time you want to try a different work out program online.

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More – Nightlife Information On The Go

  • August 13, 2009

NightLifeApp.comHow much of an outgoing person are you? How much do you enjoy the nighttime? Can you be termed a midnight creeper, or rather someone who enjoys early nights? If the former is the one that rings true, this app is certainly going to make your day (or night, to be more accurate).

In general terms, it will let you remain fully posted on events within your chosen location.

I say “Your chosen location” owing to the fact that you will not necessarily enjoy the nightlife just around the corner. As a matter of fact, I know most people like to go some lengths in search of the best spots. And if you are traveling in a foreign city, you will necessarily be on foreign ground.

On the other hand, promoters and club owners can use this app in order to advertise any forthcoming events within their venues.

The application is free in every case. Individual users have to download the provided app, whereas those wanting to promote any event can employ a web-based edition in order to set everything down.

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More – Negotiated Discounts & Savings

  • July 30, 2009

EveryoneSaves.comWith the economy in turmoil, businesses everywhere are looking for ways to save money. Most businesses waste considerable expenses by over-paying for products and services.

Fortune 500 companies, on the other hand, have very heavily-negotiated rates with all their vendors. This new online resource ( makes those types of discounts available to small business owners and their employees. That is,

it negotiates volume discounts with vendors most small business owners use, and passes on the savings.

By leveraging the group buying power of small business owners worldwide, Everyone Saves can help such owners have access to negotiated discounts and not mere “coupon codes” or “promo codes”. That is, direct discounts on products like the monthly cell phone bill, office supplies at Staples and Office Depot printing, shipping, mailing, logos, email marketing, and even legal assistance.

Initially focused on the millions of real estate professionals in the U.S., Everyone Saves is now expanding to include all small business owners. Summing up, a very interesting resource, and one which suits the financial times we are living through like a velvet glove.

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Blog On Club Music –

  • July 28, 2009

Blog On Club MusicI come across this blog the very same day that I can’t get “Bizarre Love Triangle”, “Blue Monday” and “Run 2” by New Order out of my head. Coincidence or something more sinister? Who knows? What I know and I can tell you is that this blog will have all club music lovers shuffling their feet and feeling like emulating Travolta.

It has information on new releases along with MP3 files that can be downloaded for free.

Out of the available categories, the one everybody expects to see in one such weblog is not only featured but also very well-nurtured: “Mixes”. Other categories include “Xmas 2006” and “Xmas 2007”. Give the blog a try at for more information. Blog On Club Music

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More – Never Read A Bad Book Again

  • April 24, 2009

BookArmy.comIf you enjoy to read fiction books, you could be interested in This site offers book recommendations and book reviews you can read to know new titles similar to the ones you liked. In addition, you can also create book groups and buy books online. Keep this site in mind, in case you want to know more books or buy books online.

Do you like romance books? Are you interested in giving your opinions about certain books? If that is so, Book Army could be a good option for you. On this site you can read book reviews and post comments about any book. What is more, you can download e-books for free, or buy books online. Remember to visit next time you need to find information on fiction books.

To sum up, was developed for those who are interested in fiction books. On this site you can exchange opinions about books, read book reviews, and buy books online.

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More – Indian Best Bars

  • April 14, 2009

IndiasBestBars.comDo you like the nightlife? Do you want to know more about the most interesting night clubs in India? If that is the case this is the right site for you to take a look at.

This is the official website of India’s best bars.

This site offers a comprehensive insight into the top bars in India across major cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, as well as Bangalore and Hyderabad, in addition to Pune and Kolkata. showcases large scale crisp imagery, in addition to very interesting galleries. Other features include virtual tours and a detailed description of all the bars and clubs in this beautifull country.

The site has a wide variety of sections that include India’s best bars. More than a list, this site gives users a collection.

Other sites include Planet Club (international jet set), Mixologist Love (cocktail stories.), and Le Connoisseur (fine prints of a fine lifestyle.), in addition to the Private Lounge (what you need for your luxury cradle to live a life.), Liquor Bank, as well as Platinum Life, Glamor & Tux, among many others.

This online resource has already crossed 10 impact reasons why people from 25 countries across the globe are logged into

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More – Mobiles Club

  • January 21, 2009

Mobilesclub.netAt this website, users can find anything they want in relation to many different products related to the Mobile phone industry in the Asian market.

This tool gives users access to a variety of articles concerning these topics, as well as comments of users and very qualified sources.

Users have the option to register to a connected blog by clicking on the specified options.

Additionally, by using this site services, you will get access to the latest news about the Mobile Market’s figures and numbers. The rage of action of all these articles is not limited to Asia, because nowadays the world is smaller and a slightly little movement in Europe or the United States will have an effect on the Asian markets.

Among all the fresh information you will get, you can also find new products as well as the influence of top products in new countries.

The menu offers four main categories, where you can find articles form Nokia, Motorola, 3G technology, and Smartphones. This could be an interesting option if you are looking to be well informed about all the latest news on the mobiles market.

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More – For Chevy Avalanche Onwers

  • November 18, 2008

ChevyAvalancheClub.comHave a problem or service related issue with your Chevrolet Avalanche? Not sure about a strange noise? is a site made just for people who own this car.

On the site onwers can share tips and tricks on how to boost horsepower, torque, and smoke the competition.

Meet new friends, find information and discussion boards about meets and cruises, and just have a good time discissing the things you have in common. Chevy Avalanche Club offers information on custom or stock 2002-2009 Chevy Avalanche trucks.

This sit is a growing community of owners which offers classifieds, owner picture gallery, access to all sections of the club forums, ‘How-to’ articles, product reviews, guides,blogs, links, and more.

One thing you will find is that the site’s own members contribute heavily to this site. You’ll find them participating in the forums, writing articles, covering shows, events, and more. If you love your car and want to join this welcoming community of like-minded individuals visit

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More – Antique Engines

  • July 30, 2008

ASECC.comThis online site provides plenty of information related to the Antique Small Engine Collectors Club. It aims to restore and preserve antique air cooled gasoline engines of several different makes.

It also allows people to exchange and share information related to these items. You will find a complete description of the foundation of this club and how it started. It also offers a list of the club members where you will find a wide selection of names, and you can select one of them in order to send a message to that person. The site includes a member’s gallery where you will find plenty of images of these machines, and each photo is together with its brief description. If you are interested in joining this club and becoming a member, you can check out the information related to their prices and membership. For those looking for forward information related to the ASECC, the site offers a list of the frequently asked questions where visitors will learn all about it. Visit this online site and obtain all the data you need related to the Antique Small Engine Collectors Club.

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More – Entertainment For Less

  • July 28, 2008 stands for Entertainment 4 Less or Entertainment for Less.

The company is headquartered in the state of Arizona and it is committed to providing its members with a large variety of entertainment products. At you will be able to check out much more about the company and the services it provides. This site is targeted to all those persons, no matter how old they are, who love watching videos and having fun at home. It must be pointed out that is a very easy-to-navigate website; even my old great grandpa would be able to check it out. The site’s mission seems to be informative; I mean you will be able to learn about the company and how you can become a member. What does is, basically, to provide entertainment products at low to no-cost-at-all their members. If it sounds like a good idea and you want to learn more about it, check out for more info.

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More – Employment Advertising Agency

  • July 25, 2008

JobClub.comAre you looking for a job that will bring out the best of you? If that happens to be the case, you might as well give the Job Club website a try. The site stands as an online employment advertising agency that enables individuals to post jobs online for the benefit of job seekers all over the United States.

The website is consequently made up of several sections. The two main categories are the ones named “Job Seeker” and “Employer”. The former caters for those who are on the lookout for employment opportunities and provides a wide array of resources like e-mail notifications and a salary calculator. For its part, the latter enables employers to post job advertisements in a straightforward fashion, and the fees are described online. The site also includes multimedia contents, and they are grouped under the “Video” heading. Job seeker videos can be watched there alongside corporate video files.

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More – The Finest In Film

  • July 25, 2008 is the official website of Laemmle Theatres, an institution that has been exhibiting the finest in film for over 70 years.

Through its online version you can get all the information about Laemmle Movie Theatres throughout the country, as well as other independently owned affiliate theatres. Besides, visitors will be able to check all the upcoming new films and buy tickets online. At the homepage you will find some promoted productions; you can click any of the titles to check detailed information about it, including staff, pictures, reviews, and synopsis. At the top of your screen you’ll see a navigation bar with some links that will lead you to the specific sections available, such as Now Playing, Coming Soon, Online Store, and more. Access any of these categories to find out a long list of titles and check the movie centers in which the will be exhibited, as well as dates, hours, and prices. Through you can also access the Sneak Preview Club; if you join it, you’ll receive an periodical email detailing the new movie the theatres are screening, along with a RSPV link that will allow you to enjoy a that movie for free.

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