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  • July 10, 2012

The late Edna Hennessee, founder of Cosmetic Specialty Labs (CSL) in the 1960’s, built a company that is known the world around for their beauty line and supplies. As major supporters of the Relay for Life, The Girl Scouts of America, and TV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, the corporation has always had a conscience for contributing to society. Ms. Hennessee and her company grew from a tiny one woman dream into a massive corporation with a 170,000 square foot manufacturing plant. Visitors to can learn all about her, and the company she built. From the early days to modern times, CSL has offered its customers the highest quality of independent compounds in beautiful containers. The company takes pride in their complete line of skin care products and over the counter medicines. Guest of can research all of the capabilities of the products and formulations. Engineers are always looking for the next great ingredient that can be incorporated into the custom brands and formulas, and then developing a market for those ingredients.

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