More – A Tool For Reposting Interesting Content

  • September 12, 2010 is a tool that enables anybody to repost interesting content all over the World Wide Web.

The way this works is by creating something which can be compared to a small clipping (hence the name of the service) that includes the best of the best from the original post or article. This clipping can then be spread in all the usual ways: email, blogs, Twitter, Facebook…

A clip is created merely by submitting its URL. Upon doing that, the link will be processed and the content will be assimilated and reformatted. You will have your own say, of course. It is you who will choose what to highlight and what to leave aside in the end.

The emphasis that puts on the visual presentation of the content is also something which should be mentioned. Clips are always visually appealing, and that is the way it should be, really. It is a basic rule for marketing anything online. Nobody will read a post of it doesn’t catch his eye to begin with.

And publishers are going to find appealing because every clip preserves the context and (more importantly) the brand. This means that people who read it will know they are reading something which is genuine.

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