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  • April 2, 2009

ClownBasket.comThis site defines itself as “the underground of original music”, and it is an online resource where budding musicians can share their original compositions with the rest of the world.

That is, musicians upload their music for free and you can download it and play it whenever and wherever you want – your desktop, your MP3 player, your iPod… This gives untapped talent the means for exposing itself, and hopefully have a better chance of making it big.

Of course, music lovers are likewise getting a terrific opportunity to get their hands on fresh and original compositions, and the system also enables them to get in touch with the musicians if they fall in love with their tunes.

The Internet offers a true and solid framework for promoting one’s work, no matter the field of expertise or what you do for a living. It seems to me that musicians and music lovers might be getting the best part of the deal. If that is not so, they certainly must be close. Still, if you check this site out I am sure you are going to agree with that.

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