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  • October 1, 2008

CloverContent.comAre you looking for a simple and streamlined way of editing and updating your website? If that happens to be the case, a visit to the Clover Content site might just set you going. In general terms, Clover Content is a straightforward content management system that will let you update pages easily without having to install or unpack any package or archive.

The main asset of this application is that it allows the user to control the content of his website from his preferred browser. The process is consequently as easy and uncomplicated as writing an e-mail.

Some of this application’s most salient features include the ability to accept input by means of the preset Clover Content contact form, as well as sharing images and documents using file libraries.

Three different management packages are available, and they start for as low as US$ 9 per month. These go by the names of “Lite”, “Standard” and “Pro”. The site also includes a “Try it Free” option that will let you see if the product lives up to what it claims or not for yourself.

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