More – Find The Right SaaS Provider For You

  • February 11, 2010

CloudXL.comThe way that software as a service and cloud computing have taken off implies that there are endless providers on the market, and the number increases by the minute. That couldn’t be avoided, and in the end those who have never hired the services of such companies before might be a bit at loss.

How could they tell which companies are reputable from the ones that don’t make the cut, in a way that is fast and easy? Well, checking a site like CloudXL is a good way to start telling one from the other.

The site will let you not only search and find all about these companies, but also bookmark the ones you like and (in due time) share information about those cloud and software as a service providers that you have tried and liked.

Besides, you can always subscribe to the provided RSS feed and be in the loop when new providers are posted and eventually rated. That will be useful if you are a provider yourself and want to keep an eye on new companies that come into the scene, too.

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