More – Turn Your Visitors Into More Visitors

  • January 31, 2011

CloudSponge.comCloud Sponge gives webmasters a chance to do more with the visitors that they already have, and both get to know them better and turn them into even more visitors in turn.

In very general terms, we can say that Cloud Sponge is a SaaS platform that lets webmasters be introduced to all the people in the address books of their visitors. That is, by using Cloud Sponge a webmaster will give any person who visits his site a ready opportunity to share all his contact with him. The visitor uploads his information, and then the webmaster can use that in order to make new connections

A service like Cloud Sponge can serve very noble purposes. For example, a charity or a non-for-profit can use such a technology in order to find more supporters. And there is no need for me to start on the uses this can have as far as marketing is concerned.

And cloud Sponge is very easy to be implemented into any site, too. All you have to do is to copy and paste a small line of HTML for the whole system to become activated, and your users to be able to supply their information for you to benefit from.

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