More – Safely Store Your Data On The Cloud

  • August 20, 2010

Cloudsafe.comCloudSafe stands as a secure online repository for the data that you value the most. An advanced cryptographic architecture will let you ensure that your digital assets will be stored safely online, and that only you and those you grant permission to will be able to access them.

That is, you can give selective access to your data to any other registered user. In that sense, CloudSafe can be compared to PGP sharing – but with the exception that we are talking about a cloud service here.

In order to have anything stored online, all you need to do is sign up for an account and set up a virtual safe. You will then be able to upload your files by using the provided web frontend. Once that has been taken care of, you can proceed to give selective access to any other user you want. Alternatively, you can create access codes for your safe, and have them distributed to the ones you trust.

Registration to CloudSafe comes at no cost, and when signing up you can set down your visibility settings, effectively becoming unfindable to others if that is what you want.

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