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  • June 21, 2011

Cloudorado.comIf looking for the best cloud hosting provider is taking you just too long, and (worse still) the whole process seems to have no end in sight, then your best bet is to resort to a service like this one. Cloudorado is a comparison engine for such service providers. And it is a really good one at that, as the site will let you find the provider suiting your every need in a truly intuitive way. The site features a series of sliders that users can employ to set down their exact RAM, HDD and CPU requirements. Once they have specified that, a list of suitable IaaS cloud providers will be produced. And if none seems to meet the requirements of users, then they can simply use the sliders to change the original search criteria. The results will be instantly updated.

And those who want to get really specific can do so. The site makes for setting down the duration of the subscription plan itself, and the transfer rates in question. These can be set down as minutely as the user wishes – he will be able to specify the exact amount of data he expects to receive and send out, and ensure he is never running short or slow when it comes to the big crunch.

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