The Harvard Girl Who’s Crashing The Frat Party

  • May 25, 2012

Women in tech shouldn’t be a debate. They are essential. It’s not a boys versus girls thing, it’s a “diversify your company and you will succeed” thing.


So, when Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare was asked about what he thought of women in tech, he didn’t hesitate to give props to his co-founder Michelle Zatlyn and her role in the success of the company and in smashing tech-frat-culture presumptions.

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More – Optimize Your Website

  • September 30, 2010

CloudFlare.comCloudFlare offers a series of optimization services that can be applied by any webmaster who want to bring his site into a whole new league. Any site that is enhanced using CloudFlare will load faster and perform better overall for the simple reason that sites which are optimized using CloudFlare become part of the “CloudFlare Community”.

Being part of this community ensures that all the traffic the site is to receive will be routed through the company’s intelligent global network. This means that threats to the site’s safety are considerably reduced, and that attacks by abusive bots are minimized.

In practice, this translates into the (valuable) fact that your site’s resources and servers won’t be squandered by people who are just not interested in your content, and who just want to take advantage from your site’s PR and popularity.

As a service, CloudFlare is usable by just any person who has his own website and his own domain. A free plan is provided for users to get into the swing of things, and if they like what they see they can go for either the “Pro” or “Enterprise” plan.

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