More – A Virtual Workforce At Your Disposal

  • March 19, 2010

CloudCrowd.comCloudCrowd is a new crowdsourcing service that comes hot on the heels of CrowdFlower. Just like its competitor, CloudCrowd aims to let any company increase its efficiency by having these tasks which are necessary but that could be delegated taken care of by a virtual workforce.

In this particular case, what CloudCrowd does is to assign and distribute any task commissioned by its customers into its virtual taskforce – a team that already has over 100,000 members. These workers are remunerated via PayPal, and as it is only reasonable they have a rating that reflects how good and reliable they are.

Some of the tasks that a service like this one suits best include content moderation and audio transcript. It would also lend itself well to web-based research duties. That is, tasks which are mundane and a bit monotonous but that are every bit as vital nonetheless. Besides, nothing would prevent this service to be used for large scale projects by concatenating simpler tasks until a big chain is formed. And since the workforce is a global one, you are getting the insight of people who are all over the world, and who can really complement each other minutely.

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