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  • July 9, 2011“Don’t let the implementation of contact forms keep you from having a site that is easy to build and run”. That is what the creator of this new service seems to be screaming at the top of his voice, as he’s come up with something which simplifies the way in which forms are added to a site and handled by the webmaster to no end. You see, by using anybody can have all the forms he needs created and hosted right in the cloud in a matter of minutes. It is all made possible using a smooth, AJAX-powered interface that reduces the time it takes to get everything done. Forms can be built using a really simplified editor, and added to just any site or blog.

And to make things even better, all of the forms that you can create via will be captcha secured. No spammy message will pass through them, so that deleting unwanted content from your site is not going to be an issue if you go for this service.

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