More – CloudApp For Windows Users

  • November 26, 2010

FluffyApp.comIf you have ever watched a Mac user in action, you probable went all green when you saw him using CloudApp. That is an application which makes uploading files to the cloud a piece of cake, as all that you have to do is drag and drop whatever you want stored online into the provided bar.

Well, now you can revert to your usual color again. An app that lets those of us using Windows do exactly the same thing has been released. It goes by the cuddlesy name of FluffyApp, and it works exactly as its Mac counterpart.

What good is this for? Well, whenever a file has been uploaded a link for sharing it is generated. You can then proceed to share that download link with all your chums on Facebook, Twitter and who-knows what other social haunt you visit often when living la vida loca on the WWW.

The latest version of FluffyApp can be downloaded on the site at no cost. Installation is done with before you even notice.

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