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More – A New Message Queuing Platform

  • May 18, 2010

OnlineMQ.comOnlineMQ aims to become the one choice for companies and businesses looking for a platform letting them connect their own apps without having to face the typical limitations and headaches that such a task entails. How does it intend to achieve that? By relying on the delivery of the whole platform on a Software as a Service basis.

This effectively puts an end to installation, setting costs and maintenance.

By using OnlineMQ you will be capable of connecting your in-house applications among themselves, and the name of the platform gives you a clear indication of how that is done, as the “MQ” that is part of its title stands for “Message Queuing”. In case you are new to the concept, message queuing is a way for separate applications (IE, applications that are running on different platforms) to communicate among themselves by using heterogeneous networks. These are networks that might not always be online.

In other words, OnlineMQ is a sort of email service for applications and programs that dispenses with communication interfaces and protocols. Every application and program can then connect with the other in a straightforward fashion.

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