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  • May 7, 2008 is a knitting and crotchet specialist website, with different types of clothing for all ages.

Katherine, the founder of, has been working in knitting and crotchet for most of her life, making her an expert in the field. She first learnt to knit in a day care center in Iowa, when she was just 8 years of age. Soon after, Katherine moved to San Diego with her family, where she continued to knit, and teach herself knew knitting techniques, as well as crotchet. Over many years she learnt how to knit sweaters, purses, and gifts. After knitting for so many years, it became an obsession for her. Katherine has now progressed into a knitting professional who can work with many different types of materials, and design many different types of clothing. Items that are for purchase online are: knitting patterns, crotchet patterns, and gift merchandise for all ages. Visit if you are in search of that special, hand made item of clothing.

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