How Your Wardrobe Impacts Your Work

  • October 28, 2013

For women leaders, business can be a minefield of personal image challenges. Experts estimate that up to 95 percent of our communication is nonverbal, so even as women achieve more prominent platforms, the majority of what we communicate is still through external visual clues. This creates the very real…


How One Startup Turned Small Clothing Into Big Business

  • August 28, 2013

Fed-up with the instability that came with working in the corporate sector, Elizabeth Bates chose to take the plunge and fought to create her own sense of stability by founding one of San Diego’s first environmentally friendly home-cleaning companies. It turns out that 26-year-old Bates had a knack for…


Save Money Dressing Junior And Sell Used Kids Clothes At Spruceling

  • January 4, 2013

All my friends and family members have growing families these days. This leaves me pulling out my hair as I try to buy presents that will fit their children. I can only imagine the frustration of parents needing to update wardrobes and figure out what to do with outgrown clothes. Startup Spruceling offers…

More – The Best Clothing On The Web

  • July 20, 2012 is the leading provider of edgy, hip clothing for teenagers and young adults. They are considered the mecca of hipster style clothing which range in different sizes and quirky, fun colors. They are based in downtown Los Angeles, California with more than 285 stores in 20 countries. The company now owns the largest garment factory in the United States and are known for their New York City store front that caters to thousands of customers each day. have won several awards for their branding and marketing which include the prestigious Retailer of the Year award in 2008. In 2005, they were also named Marketer of the Year at the Los Angeles Fashion Awards.

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More – Casual Clothes For You

  • July 12, 2012

If you would like to make sure that you are wearing stylish casual clothes whenever you are out, then you should look on the website for your needs. At you will see all that the Altona clothing store has to offer you. When you go on the site, you will learn that Altona was started by Caroline And Roland Freese. They wanted to provide high quality but casual women’s clothing that women will want to wear but can also afford to wear. On the site you will be able to order anything that you want from their current line. The designs of some of the clothing that are sold here have been featured on the covers of some leading French fashion magazines.

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More – High-Quality Service and Hospitality

  • July 12, 2012

The website is a resource devoted to clothes repair. The company, Ada’s Clothes Repair, has been fixing clothes and making high-quality alterations for thirty-three years. At, customers can rest assured that they will receive the best service possible because each seamstress that is employed by the company has been fixing and altering clothes for over fifteen long years. The experience is sure to show through in any and all work that the company does. At, customers can look up the location of Ada’s and also the store hours. However, that is not all. A comprehensive guide to the company’s vision, history and future goals, the site also lists prices for services. A user can simply find out how much certain alterations will cost by making a few clicks on the screen. Information has never been so readily available.

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More – Clothes For Young Men

  • February 21, 2012

FrankAndOak.comFor young men who are trying to define their style there is this site. Frank & Oak is aimed at men aged 20 – 35 who are looking for clothes that are affordable, but not any less stylish because of that. If you’re one, by signing up for a Frank & Oak account and telling the site about your tastes and preferences you’ll start receiving a monthly newsletter with nothing but personalized recommendations. In all cases, we’re talking about items that can be bought at very reasonable prices. Shirts currently cost about $40, and accessories like belts are sold for about $25.

As a user of Frank & Oak, you can select up to five items from the ones that are offered. These will be mailed to you free of charge, and then you’ll keep the ones you like. The ones that really don’t look good on you can easily be returned.

Frank & Oak is presented by Modasuite, a Canadian company that has already been serving the needs of men aged 30 – 45. This newest venture is interesting because the demands of a younger public make for a more dynamic production experience. Costs are lowered, and a younger public is always less picky and fussy.

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More – Know If A Style Is Good Or Not

  • December 22, 2011

ClothApp.comAn app that lets you know how suitable any style you’re thinking of wearing really is, Cloth is almost identical to Album Of Style and I Like My Style. We’ve already reviewed these two sites on, and you can read our original posts here and here. And I encourage you to do so now to understand the kind of services that Cloth has obviously been inspired by.

Ready? Good. Cloth works like these two fashion services. You download the app, you take a photo of yourself with the clothes that you can’t decide whether to wear or not, and then other site users will get to speak their minds. If they think wearing them would be a big fashion mistake, they’ll tell you as much. If they think any style you have trouble coming to terms with actually looks fantastic on you, they’ll tell you as much. And you’ll be able to act accordingly, and step into any significant event knowing that everybody is going to look at you for all the right reasons, not because you look like a fish out of water.

There’s little to add, really. Cloth does its bit more than well, but you can’t help thinking that somebody got there first. I certainly did, at least. Anyway, you can download Cloth here for free.

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More – Get Shopping Advice

  • November 22, 2011

Suitts.meAiming to make shopping online as enjoyable as actually shopping with your friends in the mall, is a new feedback system that lets you ask others what they think of anything you plan to buy. As a user of, you can ask your close friends whether that jacket which has caught your eye would look good on you, or whether that belt really goes with your shoes. You can do that just by sharing shopping links around. You just give the URL of what you want to buy for a page where people can give you their opinion to be created. They do that by voting the item up and down, and also by leaving comments.

And these pages are actually public, so that more people than just your friends will be able to tell you what they think. Any other user of will be able to opine on what you intend to wear to this or that important event.

And that’s just great, as the distance might let them save you from making a serious style blunder. An utter stranger will most likely feel free to tell you something a lifelong friend wouldn’t dare to speak out. I mean, just give competing sites like Go Try It On a look. That’s what gives them their edge, that’s what makes people use them. They want honest opinions, and that’s what they get on sites like this one.

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More – Buy And Rent Indian Clothes

  • October 27, 2011

Luxemi.comLuxemi is your one-stop resource for buying and renting Indian apparel and accessories online. On this site, you can have access to both kinds of collections, as half of Luxemi is devoted to clothes that can be bought, and the other half is made up of these items that you can rent for as long as you need. Buying anything on Luxemi is done as you’d do on any other retail site around, as you simply add what you want to your cart, and place your order. Sarees, Salwars, pins, Bindis… it can all be bought here, with pricing for some of the most traditional garments starting at $78, and pricing for jewelry starting at $28

And when it comes to renting anything, you can choose a reservation date, and specify for how long you’ll rent that particular garment. Currently, that can be anything from four to ten days. In all cases, free return shipping is provided.

Luxemi is clearly patterned after Rent The Runway, and Luxemi has also got some points of contact with, a site where Indian apparel can be easily bought.

One can but wonder whether this site is just too niche to survive, but the fact remains that more than 4000 people signed up for an account on its first month of existence alone. And the company claims that no less than 40 % of orders are placed by non-Indian customers.

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More – Buy Clothes That Fit You

  • October 26, 2011 turns shopping for clothes online into something which is not that different from doing it personally. It does that by letting you know which clothes will fit you as if you were there, trying them out one after the other. allows you to submit your exact measurements, and by using these it can filter the results that you get when looking for clothes at any online store. will only have apparel that fits you %100 displayed, there’s just no chance anything you buy using this new service could turn out to be ill-fitting.

So, turns personal tailoring into something that can be done online. And it’s all the more remarkable because of its implementation, as it’s something that can work with practically every single site on the Internet. The retailer (or retailers) you always make a point of buying at will be supported.

Personally, I like a site such as SizeWand best – I like the way it can go through your existing closet, and look at what you’ve got there to recommend clothes that would suit not only your measurements but also your style. But the relative lack of services like these around make interesting, and a platform that could get somewhere.

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More – Share What You Plan To Wear

  • September 9, 2011

WearToThere.comWearToThere aims to put an end to the awkwardness of arriving at a long-awaited event in a dress that cost a small fortune only to find that three other people have also chosen to don the very same attire. On this website, anybody can make it public which clothes she’s going to favor at any future event.

And there’s plenty more to the site than that, as users are allowed to carry out worldwide searches and see what people in other regions of the world are wearing at events like the ones they’re going to attend next. What better way to catch wind of the latest trends, and be always ahead of the curve at any social do?

Moreover, users of WearToThere are enabled to buy whatever they come across and think that they could wear well – the site makes it instantly possible to shop any style that they happen to like, using a clear and simple interface.

If you enjoy this website other fashion-related startups you might find worth a look include Open Fashion and UsTrendy.

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More – Your Clothes In A Virtual Closet

  • September 6, 2011

Netrobe.comSold as “the easiest way to manage your clothes”, Netrobe is an iPhone app that’s sure to let you make good sense of your wardobe. Netrobe feels and behaves like a virtual closet where users can catalog all the clothes that they have ever bought. The idea is to let them find the perfect garments for just every occasion without batting an eyelid, using an interface that is intuitive and that leads to much quicker associations.

Users of Netrobe are actually allowed to take all the different items they have in their wardrobes and proceed to combine them. So, the app not only remembers what you have in your closet, it lets you take every item that’s to be found there and try different combinations until you have arrived at the best look that could be assembled with these garments and accessories you already own.

Plus, Netrobe lets users keep track of what they’ve already worn in the past, so that they avoid making the blunder of wearing the same dresses at these events familiar people are in attendance.

Netrobe can be downloaded for free. Simply click here, get the app and start organizing your closet in one of the simplest and funniest ways yet devised.

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More – Like Foodspotting But For Fashion

  • August 29, 2011

Snapette.comI have the perfect application for these iPhone users that take their fashion seriously. Snapette (iTunes link) is presented as the first location-based app for fashionistas. If we were to start drawing comparisons, we could say that it does for clothes and accessories what Foodspotting does for edibles. Users of Snapette can find the best dresses, shoes and bags close to wherever they are by looking at crowd-sourced pictures, and by reading the comments that these come with.

Snapette also features a dynamic search tool that makes for finding items by brand, by store and by description. And also by rating; if you decide to install and use this app, you’ll be able to quickly visualize these items that fellow shoppers can’t take their eyes off.

Of course, users of Snapette can follow each other around. In practice, this means that once you have managed to discover those who are always one step ahead of trends then you can simply keep a good watch on what they are posting and recommending. That’ll be enough to let you pick the clothes and accessories to turn you into a sure head-turner next time you are strolling down your local streets.

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More – Buy Used Clothes

  • July 26, 2011

2ndJunction.com2nd Junction is an online marketplace that is exclusively devoted to used clothes. The site stands as a mall where anybody can list all the jeans, shirts and shoes that he no longer needs for others to purchase them on the spot. And at the same time, he can browse through these clothes that others have listed, and see if he can spot any bargain himself. The marketplace itself is arranged in a way that is very logical, as the three main categories (“Women”, “Men” and “Kids”) are complemented by one named “Other Apparels”. And all the latest clothes which have been listed are prominently featured on the homepage, for everybody to learn about the coolest items that can be on

Membership to the site comes at no cost. You can sign up and get started selling in a couple of minutes. And getting what you want will be a mere matter of having the patience to browse through what is offered, and hunting for these items you’ve got your mind set on.

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More – Buy Products At The Best Prices

  • July 7, 2011

Cheap-Prices.comWith so many quality online retailers to choose from, something as simple as buying what one wants is turned into an endless pilgrimage from one store to the other to see which offers the item in question at the lowest possible price. Not everybody has the time to do that, and this often means people end up paying more for these items they want to buy. But fortunately, there are sites like this one around.

On you are able to compare prices across all the best stores that can be found on the Web. You are allowed to shop for items both by brand and by category. In the first case, you can have your pick from world-renowned brands such as Nokia, Microsoft, Nikon, Logitech and Puma. And in the second case, you can choose from categories such as Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Children, Home & Garden, Health… the site is really comprehensive in both senses.

And the most remarkable items get highlighted on the main screen, too. You are enabled to see all these products that have received the best ratings from other users just like you, and buy them straightaway.

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More – Buy And Sell Kid Items

  • May 10, 2011

StorkBrokers.comStorkBrokers is an online marketplace that is geared towards parents. Here, they are enabled to buy and sell gently-used baby (and kid) items such as clothes, toys and strollers.

In this way, instead of having to donate unused items or give them away at a loss parents are actually turning them into a profit.

The actual categories include Clothing & Accessories, Learn & Play, Furniture and Travel. Plus, both For Dads and For Moms categories are featured, and items such as backpacks and maternity wear are listed there.

And note that if you are looking for something that is nowhere to be found then you can just set down an alert, and be notified when someone lists such a product. No need to check the site every five minutes to see if what you want has become available.

So, to all intents and purposes this site is the closest to a version of eBay for parents that can be found online. Check it out by clicking on the link provided below – accounts can be created at no cost.

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More – Latest Fashion Trends

  • March 1, 2011

TheShoppingForecast.comA service for the style-minded among you, The Shopping Forecast is a website that will let you know everything about new trends well in advance. Users of the site share and discuss all the trends where they live, and the ones who are known to make the most substantial contributions are know as The Style Electorate. They are all listed on the main page, on a chart that is actually updated live.

The site also lets users examine trends item by item, and tops, skirts, trousers, shoes and boots can all be found on the relevant menu. Plus, it is also possible to specify the occasion that you need to get dressed for from any of the four that are included: Party, Casual, Work and Wedding & Formal.

In this way, figuring out what to wear in order to cause nothing but the right impression at any kind of event could hardly be any easier. Not to mention that interacting with people like you can do on this site is really entertaining.

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