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  • July 14, 2008

ClothDollConnection.comAre you fond of cloth dolls? Wouldn’t you love to be able to make them yourself? Then you should definitely visit

Here you will find links to cloth-doll maker’s sites, each of them full of spectacular dolls. Once you have entered the site you can choose to view the designer’s links, or even apply to cloth-doll-making courses. There you can take a peek at finished dolls and register yourself for some, extremely affordable, classes. These masterpieces range through all styles of dolls, from classical ones to extremely bizarre, but beautiful all the same. You’ll simply fall in love with these breathtaking collector pieces. From this site you can also access designer’s blogs; you can enrol yourself in many shows and events, among many other things. If you need to find some pattern tips or links to fabrics and other supplies you can simply click on the many links offered by So, join the site’s mailing list, look at the photo gallery, or even post your cloth-doll is a great choice for cloth-doll lovers.

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