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  • May 8, 2009 Ltd is a company that is specialized in everything related to company dissolution services. It has vast experience in helping companies that need these kinds of services and it offers a highly professional presence in the market by maximizing the closure process time.

The company is formed by highly qualified professionals, well known accountants and general managers that have been working in this field for several years. In addition to this, the company has other young professionals that are eager to provide company’s with an excelsior service.

No matter what your nationality is, you will be very well understood by a company that has a multinational staff of professionals from Britain, France, and Germany. Therefore, you can be sure that all the possible perspectives are going to be taken into consideration when it comes to giving you the right service according to your situation.

When it comes to dissolving a company, the process needs to be fast and accurate, and this company offers to give you that kind of service. In addition to this NOVIK Ltd offers these services at a realistic cost.

If you need to close your company, you can do it with NOVIK Ltd services taking care of the process for you.

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