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  • November 20, 2008

ClosetCouture.comSelf-described as “a place for the fashion minded”, this social site is there to make sure you will not lag behind in the fashion world. This portal allows the user shop online for fashion items and talk to like-minded individuals located all over the globe to get the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not.

Moreover, users can manage their wardrobes online and upload contents such as pictures and videos without any limitation. A style cabinet is created this way, where each user can define and redefine his personal approach to fashion by interacting with others.

The site caters for real-life communities spanning the whole globe, and by joining any of the existing networks you can learn more about different regions and brands that may differ markedly from the ones you are already acquainted with.

Registration to the site is simply carried out by furnishing a valid e-mail address and “an allegiance to look nice”.

To sum it up, Closet Couture will let you have a good umbrella knowledge of fashion and every related consideration, effectively enabling you to anticipate trends like a pro. Pay the site a visit if you have an active interest in defining a personal style of your own.

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