More – Your Clothes In A Virtual Closet

  • September 6, 2011

Netrobe.comSold as “the easiest way to manage your clothes”, Netrobe is an iPhone app that’s sure to let you make good sense of your wardobe. Netrobe feels and behaves like a virtual closet where users can catalog all the clothes that they have ever bought. The idea is to let them find the perfect garments for just every occasion without batting an eyelid, using an interface that is intuitive and that leads to much quicker associations.

Users of Netrobe are actually allowed to take all the different items they have in their wardrobes and proceed to combine them. So, the app not only remembers what you have in your closet, it lets you take every item that’s to be found there and try different combinations until you have arrived at the best look that could be assembled with these garments and accessories you already own.

Plus, Netrobe lets users keep track of what they’ve already worn in the past, so that they avoid making the blunder of wearing the same dresses at these events familiar people are in attendance.

Netrobe can be downloaded for free. Simply click here, get the app and start organizing your closet in one of the simplest and funniest ways yet devised.

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More – Define Your Style

  • June 8, 2011 is a social network for fashionistas. On this site, any female can ask her friends about the way she looks, and receive timely advice on how to dress better and (hopefully) make every head turn around when she goes by. And in addition to letting women trade tips and advice on how to look the part, the site enables them to look for these items they long to have on online stores, and have them immediately added to their wishlists. As a result, it can be said that the site not only makes for learning about cool products to embellish any closet with, it makes for finding these stores where they can be bought at the best prices.

At the beginning, I said that this site would be suitable for women. I said so because they are the one demographic is more clearly aimed at. But there is no reason why men could not turn to it in order to get some advice when they need it most. And the site is all the more usable since it can be joined for free. (The fact that registration is over in a blink also helps.)

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More – Create A Virtual Wardrobe

  • August 20, 2009

Shmotter.comIn a nutshell, Shmotter is a new site (out in beta) that allows fashion lovers to create a virtual wardrobe, use it in order to mix & match clothes and accessories, and create a style of its very own. Moreover, the outfits that are created this way can be easily shared with friends, and a functionality that enables site users to purchase items from online stores is included.

This way, the outfit created onscreen can be easily replicated in real life.

As it is often the case with sites such as this one, the most popular items within each category are spotlighted on the main page. These categories include “Shoes” and “Brands”, whereas the blogs belonging to members of the site can easily be accessed trough the main page. The main page also spotlights the best outfits that have been created so far.

On the whole, a top way for fashionistas to renew their wardrobes and meet up with individuals who share passions just like theirs. If you deem yourself as one, this site comes highly recommended.

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More – California Closets Company

  • July 31, 2008 is the official website of California Closets, a company dedicated to custom home storage. Would you like to buy closets for your bedroom? Are you looking for closets for the garage? If that happen to be true, you might want to take a look at this site.

In case you want to buy a wide range of wall shelves you can use on your bedroom and garage, feel free to stop by Do you need to buy shoe racks in a very simple way? Would you like to find closet organizers at low prices? If that’s so, this site might be a good option for you to keep in mind.

To sum up, if you are looking for an online store specialized in providing custom home storage products at affordable prices, might be worth a try. Therefore, to buy some of these in a very simple way, remember this site.

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More – Organizing your Closet

  • June 10, 2008

ClosetFactory.comDoes your closet always seem messy even though it actually isn’t? Do you have a hard time finding what you want to wear because your closet is so disorganized? You may need professional help to get things straightened out. Closet Factory can come up with an organization solution that’s tailor made for you.

This company specializes in designing custom closets that provide you with the solution you need to you’re your problems. Their team of qualified designers will meet with you, assess your needs and desires, and come up with a custom solution that will fit your personal style as well as your needs. On the site you can find information on the design process, see the types of finishes, techniques, and details used and see just what options you have available to you. The Closet Factory can not only provide you with solutions for your closest but also for your home office, entertainment center, pantry, garage, laundry room, and more. If you would like to find a Closet Factory near you, you can do so by entering you zip code and if you would like to make an appointment you can fill out a form online and arrange for a free consultation.

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More – Find The Furniture You Want

  • June 9, 2008

StandsAndMounts.comAre you looking for furniture? You know that the internet provides you with many website specialized in selling furniture, but not all websites have a great variety of them available for sale. Therefore, if you are looking for a website that could provide you with a vast array of furniture, here you have a considerable option. has furniture for any of your house’s rooms. Closets, cabinets, beds, tables, chairs and all these types of furniture are up to you at this website. Also you will find furniture for different types of TVs, Audio Systems, and also many conveniences in order to make easier and more comfortable the hours you spend opposite your TV when you are playing Video Games. But these are not the unique things you will find at this website. also provides its visitors with many accessories for your home, to make you easier and handy to find your home tools. Moreover, if you want to buy a Plasma TV or any other high-tech product, this website offers its costumers these types of articles.

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More – Get Your Own Hip Hop Style

  • May 5, 2008 is the site where you can find your entire hip hop closet.

By entering into the sale selection section, you will be able to see and buy within the different kind of products, such as shirts and hoodies, air wear sale, men’s sale tees, hip hop designer sale, leather coats, jeans, shorts and sets, Mecca kids section, sweat suits, jeans suits and other sets among the ladies clearance section. There are even sections with all the David and Young sunglasses, Baby Phat, ladies winter coats and hoodies, custom Air Force One sneakers, designer children’s clothing, Akademiks, hip hop belt buckles, Miskeen, hip hop jewelry, custom name belts, Air wear NYC, Grillz N Frontz, picture shirts and solid tees, Azzure jeans and shorts, ladies handbags, Sean John shorts and jackets, leather and fur coats, Roca wear, Pelle Pelle jackets and coats, 8 Ball coats, men’s hip hop hoodies and jackets and Fatigues. As you can see, there are many different products, of every kind, all divided into their separated section, by all means, the listing of products hasn’t ended yet, and you can find many other kinds that might be of your liking and style, which you might like it in your closet.

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More – Your Online Guide to Coming Out

  • March 9, 2008

EmptyClosets.comJust ask any gay person you know: the hardest bit about being gay is actually having to let other people know you are, and although you can always count on your friends, it can be a complicated topic to deal with, especially when you are in your teens. Thus is why EmptyClosets.

com is such good news: a series of forums for GLBT young people to support and give advice to one another and share experiences and anxieties. In order to join the community, you need to be 13 or older, and you can join to discuss your own gender issues, or maybe if you think a friend, lover or relative is trying to come out of the closet, to give him/her a hand with it. A very exciting bit about this community is that you can create a blog and/or photo gallery in the site to share your experiences at coming out, but you need to have made at least 10 posts in the forum; unlike other GLBT communities online, is not about dating and being hot or not, as there are quite strict laws on using the forums and threads to hook up with other users, as the whole idea is that one should help other community members with their coming out process, so that in a way this site works like AA and other community support groups.

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More – Manage Your Wardrobe

  • January 2, 2008

Closetassistant.comIf the most memorable part of the movie Clueless was Cher’s rotating closet and her computer program that rated outfits, Closet Assistant is the site for you. The web site allows users to upload, store, and manage all articles of clothing.

The clothes are itemized and organized according to type of clothing, and there is the option to include information such as color, size, and purchase price. Users can easily scroll through all of their clothing options and select outfits for events. Closet Assistant also has a feature where others can vote on your outfit. And think you have to pay for Closet Assistant? As if.

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More – Create Your Perfect Style

  • June 27, 2007 can help you find your best outfit.

If you want to change your clothing style, just enter this site and create your profile. Then, you can submit your photo and ask other members for fashion advice. If you visit You StyleMe, you will find everything to put together a stylish outfit. Besides, you can share your fashion experience with others.

On you can ask outfit related questions and also give your answers to others. You can help users to find the right clothes for them by creating a virtual closet. You can find clothes on different online retail stores, and add them to the personalized closet you have created.

Do you want to be a fashion expert? is a social network where you can share and improve your fashion knowledge, creating great outfits and fashion styles. Check out and find out how to become an expert personal shopper and create your perfect style.

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