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  • May 13, 2008

BuckeyeTraffic.orgMurphy Law is one mighty law, and though it clearly states that when in doubt you will always choose the road that has slower traffic or is closed due to weather conditions, you can try this site to minimize the horrid dictums of the nasty Mr. Murphy.

Powered by Ohio’s Department of Transportation, this site features an interactive map where you can check out which roads are closed, being repaired or are experiencing slow traffic: you can see all restrictions or apply filters to check out what particular blockage problem is going on in different parts of the state. Using the site is dummy-proof, and if you’ve ever used Google maps, you’ll be comfortable using this site as well, but if you still manage to get yourself stuck, don’t desperate and take a look at the very thorough FAQ section to get some help. Having figured such a nice and useful site, it beats me why is preset to start with a map of the world instead of Ohio’s map directly.

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