More – Managing Beta Invitations Smoothly

  • July 29, 2009

Launchset.comLaunchset helps early adopters discover and get invites to all these sites that are yet to launch to the public at large (IE, private beta/early alpha sites). For sites, it manages closed alpha/beta invitations.

And if the site is in pre-launch stages, it helps collect e-mails of people interested in the site. As a service, it is quite well-focused and the ones who are into the world of startups will surely maximize it, since it will let them know whenever a young site surfaces and gain access to it in a more or less straightforward fashion.

As the community grows, members will eventually have a list of sites they have been granted invitations to and tried. Startups can target a specific set of members based on their profiles to become early users. It can also help startups measure interest by the number of people on the waiting list.

All in all, quite a spot-on way of making sure you will bypass no website that could appertain to you, either out of personal curiosity or because you have a launch up your sleeve and you do not want anybody to get ahead of you. Registration is free, and the same applies to the submission of sites, so that if you are interested in either service they are both instantly accessible.

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