More – Pick The Right Restaurant

  • March 8, 2010

Clooch.comThere is no dearth of sites letting you find new places to eat at, if only because there is no end to the number of venues that crop up across the town in a week alone. Those who might not feel adventuresome enough to strike out on their own and try this or that restaurant in the flesh might find this new alternative interesting.

While it does what other aggregators do (take reviews from consumer-powered sites and gather them in a unified place), it does have the merit of handpicking only the bits you care about. That is, what shines through when you read these reviews is what you really are concerned about when you are going to a restaurant such as the actual quality of the food and the overall the overall service. As they wryly say on the site, nobody really wants to know if the person who wrote the review had a crush on the waitress, even when it makes for an entertaining read.

The way information is presented is very spot-on, as a capsular approach is taken and you get to read snippets that are short and to the point. In that sense, the selection process becomes as smooth as you could possibly want it to be.

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