More – Cloning Twitter & All Its Features

  • March 27, 2010

Twitter-Script.comYou know how it goes – someone strikes gold with one of these sites that come up once in a while and everybody wants to jump into the bandwagon. For the most part, these copycats are entirely unimaginative and just try to piggyback on the success of the original website.

Occasionally, you come across one or two that successfully manage to expand on the original concept and bring a twist of their very own. But these are the exception to the rule.

The sad thing is that any of these copycats takes up time and effort to be assembled, and these are time and effort that could have been better-employed elsewhere. As such, sites like this one are intrinsically attractive – they will let people with the urge to launch their own version of whatever is going around get it out of their systems. And maybe hit up on a profitable site, too.

As you can tell by glancing at its name, this resource will let you come up with your own Twitter clone. Features include multi-language integration, a template system and support both for pictures and text. But whether the finished site takes off is entirely up to your marketing skills, of course.

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More – It’s Just Like Twitter

  • September 19, 2008

Fidj.itSome sites come with really interesting concepts that change the way we use the internet. Twitter did that. Other sites try to emulate what others do, by tweaking minor things to claim complete originality. That’s what On the site, instead of Twittering things to your friends, you Fidget them with things. You can share links, messages, pictures, and all that other stuff you can do with Twitter. What sets this site apart (barely), is the fact that third party applications can be added to it. These add different twists to the service, possibly saving it from the certain doom that copying what Twitter does spells.

There is mobile support too, which can appeal to those that were left out when Twitter decided to not support that anymore. In short, if you’re still looking for that sharing service to follow your friends through, then this could provide a good alternative to Twitter. It’s not better, but it’s not worse either.

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More – What do you want to clone today ?

  • May 23, 2008

Want to make to a website that looks and functions like Youtube or Facebook even, but haven’t got a clue where to start? Or perhaps you’d love to do something like Flickr, but aren’t gifted in the scripting department. Where to turn? Clone-Script.

Com. Clone-Script.Com is a web directory populated by little gems for any website creator. The site is home to mockups, clones of scripts found on popular websites. So if you want to make a site like MySpace, just search Clone-Scripts.Com, we’ve got it.
Additionally, if you’ve got a clone script you want to showcase, you can submit it to Clone-Script.Com—simply fill out the form and you’ll get more traffic coming your way. also gives developers the opportunity to advertise their scripts. With a large number of visitors using to find suitable scripts for their projects, your presence will surely result in very targeted and qualified leads visiting your website and hopefully making a purchase.

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ClipShare – Start your own video sharing site just like Youtube

  • May 17, 2008

With a huge variety of features and options, at an extremely affordable price, ClipShare is the ultimate solution for starting your video sharing and uploading community website just like Youtube. Regardless of whether your site is a new start-up, an existing business or community, ClipShare is a MUST for your site.

Online video file sharing will serve as a value-added service for your web visitors as well as a diversification of your revenues with the extra ad dollars earned from placing of ads in or alongside with the videos. In addition, the ClipShare boost an integrated Paypal billing system that allows you to create unlimited membership plans and charge members for hosting their videos online.

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More – Not Spoof eBay

  • March 9, 2008

AuctionFire.comOnline auctioning is no longer in its heyday, there’s no doubting that, as it seems that search sites that come up with the cheaper listings for any particular object or service are gaining momentum and seem to have snatched the market; however, auctioning is still a good way to get hold of cheap and valuable stuff. AuctionFire.

com belongs to the first wave of auction sites (it is contemporary of eBay), and offers the same functionalities of larger online auctions, like free image hosting, free posting (the site charges a commission over sales which take place, so you needn’t invest to make some revenue), highlighted and featured auctions and products, watchlists and alerts, but lacks a key factor like the mandatory rating system for merchants which is the basis of trust online, and which big brother eBay invented. is divided into several categories which you can browse, or use the search box to look for the item of your interest. As per what can be seen around, it seems that this site is quite hot when it comes to selling home décor products, watches and jewelry.

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More – Video Broadcast / Upload Script (youtube clone)

  • July 21, 2007

OPPORTUNITY TO BREAK INTO SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Youtube clone, Share video Script Software! 3 free installs with developers license purchase, develop further your way.

Members can watch videos, post n share videos, comment and rate videos, create groups or channels and a lot more.

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