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  • April 23, 2008 is the web site of Howard Miller home storage solutions by Ty Pennington.

Check out the site and find out all about the newest clock collection, which incorporates the home décor expert fashion-forward design with the ABC Extreme Makeover´s host´s love for quality and style. Go through the categories provided and take a look at the products offered, which are all made of beautiful materials and include fine details. If interested in a particular clock, click on it in order to get details and you will also have the possibility of listening to the clock´s chime. Interested in requesting a catalog? Then, from the page you will be able to do so; fill the form with your personal information, and within a few days you will receive the catalog at the door of your house, for you to check out any time you want. Are you interested in the products offered and would like to find a dealer near you? Then, try the dealer locator provided on the site; enter your zip code and you will get the lists of dealers in your area.

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