More – Add A Group Chat To Your Facebook Page

  • December 6, 2010

Clobby.comThis is one for those who have a Facebook page, and wish to give the people who visit it a reason for staying there longer. Essentially, Clobby will let them do that by implementing a live group chat that every visitor can proceed to use, and talk with others who share his very same likes and interests.

Also, Clobby can be used to create a chat letting users of the site interact with the celebrity or star the page is about. Chat events can be arranged, and if you manage to spread the word even in a marginally effective way then you are guaranteed a victorious day in terms of traffic.

To all intents and purposes, then, Clobby turns Facebook pages into a true platform where fans can interact among themselves, and (according to the actual nature of the page) also with the star or celebrity that they congregate there for.

And I am yet to mention that Clobby is a free application. If you want to get to know it better, you might as well give it a shot and see how it fares for yourself.

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