More – Metrics For Craigslist Listings

  • July 22, 2011

CLMetrics.comIf you ever find yourself wishing Craigslist came with a good way for measuring the impact your listings are really having, then this new website is going to be one you will come back to time and again. Named CLMetrics, it will provide you with a hit counter and a traffic report for your every Craigslist listing. And it will do so absolutely for free.

These traffic reports can highlight performance in a very detailed way. Not only can they tell you the number of unique views any listing has had, they can also show you the locations of visitors on a map. And all this data can be accessed on a real time basis, so that you can get to know how enthusiastically people are reacting to anything you have posted.

As a service, CLMetrics is activated by copying and pasting a code snippet into the Craigslist listing that you want to track. And remember, nothing is charged for using this service. You can monitor as many listings as you want, absolutely for free.

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