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  • June 9, 2008

HCRealms.comIf you are a real fan of the game Hero Clix then this site might be one of your top priority sites. In this site you will be able to find interesting information on the game including figures and much more.

If you are looking for a specific figure you can always search for it using the figure finder; the finder contains a very specific search that will find the figure that you are looking for according to the match results of your search criteria. If you wish to trade some of your figures you can always join the site and post your items on the forum and wait for feedback on other members of the site. If you would like to become a part of this community you can do it and you can even be free to enter in discussions on the forum and even learn something that you may not have known. If you are looking for a site that contains a lot of Hero Clix information then here is a good site for you. enjoy and have fun with

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