More – The (Anti) Social Networking Site

  • May 15, 2007

ChosenVIP.comThe difference between ChosenVIP and all those other networking sites is that the former doesn´t let you join willy nilly and make all sorts of friends, just like that. This isn´t a network for anyone and it´s certainly not meant for everyone.

Think of it as an exclusive club; if you haven´t been chosen, then, tough luck, this site is all about the elite. Ok, so it´s not so entirely out of reach; anyone can create a profile. Those with higher ratings can create their own circle of friends from the site; those who have become VIPs get access to private chats and forums, they get to bestow ratings on other members and they´re eligible to win prizes. If you´re not chosen, you can still receive kudos from the VIPs and you can play with your profile until you distinguish yourself enough to be noticed by the VIPS.

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