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  • December 14, 2009

ClipYourPhotos.comWhat good is a picture if you don’t share it with others? And what good is a picture that you share with others if it is not presented in a memorable fashion? I bet that we will all agree on the answers to these questions, and that if we are going to share stills on sites like Flickr and (specially) Facebook then we might as well do it with some panache. A site like ClipYourPhotos will enable just anybody to do so, and it will enable anybody to do it without having to pay for the privilege.

Basically, the site will let users take any still and place it inside a frame. It might be a minimal effect on its own, but if you start combining it with other effects the end result can be quite distinctive indeed.

Besides, the site includes some tools that will let you have more flexible access to images that others have uploaded. For instance, a tool called Bulkr will let you download photos form Flick as a group and then backup everything, whereas one named Archivr will let you feature your photos on the main page of Explore.

These are the first apps and tool released by this programmer, and new apps for the handling and processing of images have already been announced. If you try these ones and happen to like them, chances are you will like the ones which are forthcoming. Check the site out for more details.

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