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  • February 11, 2009

AskedWeb.ComThis website gives you a real possibility to have different friends on the internet, and has been updated in a new version new version started as site that gives people the opportunity to get in touch with their friends, etc.

Additionally, you can get inspired, as well as to find useful information, in order to gain knowledge of different issues, or to ask for advice. enables anyone to build complete personal pages, adding comments, notes, tags as well as to participate in forums.

All your search results will be categorized by using tags. This website is continually under development, and new features are added as needed

If you are curious about this site, you can read some interesting articles from users and make your comments now. If you visit the site, and join the forums, you will get access to a very high quality customer service. They will give a response to every question that you ask, etc.

In conclusion, this version of the site, is much more satisfying than the previous one because it has many improved utilities you will be able to enjoy at


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