More – ANDIS Clippers and Trimmers

  • July 7, 2008

Andis.comANDIS is a purveyor of clippers and trimmers. The company was founded in 1922, and as of this date it stands as a key player in both the American and global market.

Its corporate website can be found at, and it features thorough information on the company, its vision and its products. The site includes both a “Professional” and “Customer” zone that lets the visitor choose the relevant product from the featured categories. Some of the products that ANDIS is best-known for include clippers, trimmers and styling irons, and a sizable part of the site is devoted to said items. In addition to that, styling tips and haircutting advice is provided online. A service zone lists authorized service stations, as well as including an “Ask The Expert” section that makes for personalized support. On the other hand, a section that goes by the name of “What’s New” covers new products that have just been released as well as linking to Ivan Zoot’s blog, an online source of information whose tag is “ANDIS Adventures in Clipper Cutting”.

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More – For Your Personal Beauty

  • June 2, 2008

Bestclippers.comIf you want to look good there are many things you can do; among the things you can do you can change your hair color. Moreover, you can change your hair style, add some waves to your straight hair, or straighten up your curls.

In case you need barbers, clippers or any hair supplies, you can find them at They have a large array of items for your personal beauty. On the web site there is a navigator bar on the left side of the webpage containing diverse links, such as: hair dryers, clippers, trimmers’ blades, shears, flat irons, straight razors, shaving brush, manicure implements, hair setter, mirrors, etc. If you were looking for something to make your hair grow faster, they have what you need right there. And if you own a barber shop and you need equipment or supplies, they also have salon jackets, vests, and capes.

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More – Electric Fencing For Livestock

  • April 8, 2008

Premier1supplies.comDo you own land with live stock? Are you having problems with animals getting out of there fields or pens, or even worse wildlife getting in and disturbing your herd or flock? There is a company that can utilize its twenty eight years of experience and supply you with the ideal product to solve all your issues. Premier have been providing the farming community with top quality electric fencing and netting from there base in Washington, Iowa.

The company can also offer you all your goat and sheep supplies, an extensive range of clippers and shears, custom laser ear tags for your flock as well as tattoo supplies to mark your live stock. The company describe themselves well in there clear and well designed site, all the information is clear and there sales policies appear honest and reputable. Use the search engine to find the product that most suits your needs or contact the company directly if you need more advice.

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