More – Creating Coupons With Ease

  • January 21, 2009

ClipClipSave.comAny small business owner who intends to provide its customers with a more comprehensive service is more than likely to find a visit to this website at least interesting. In principle, the site will enable any businessman to provide his customers with printable coupons that can be employed in-store.

This is achieved via a supple interface that involves choosing a theme and then specifying the discounts in question and the conditions that apply. As it is fit, ClipClipSave coupons come complete with a built-in barcode. This barcode can be chosen by the user, or the company can generate one for him in an instant manner if he does not know how to proceed best.

In order to get started, all that has to be done is creating an account. Upon doing so, a web address for displaying all the existing coupons of that businessman is generated. This page can eventually be linked to from the store, giving customers ready access to coupons first-hand.

Note that during the existing beta period accounts can be created for free. There is a limit of five coupons per store, but that is more than enough to give any small business owner a ready appreciation of this service and its nuts and bolts.

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