More – Clip And Share Images

  • July 8, 2011

Clipbook.itA new image sharing platform, enables anybody to spread these images that he has found when browsing the Internet, and which he feels other would enjoy watching. Or that they might derive some uses from, too – a platform like makes for getting lots of ideas for renovating your own house, or for designing any kind of logo. That happens because all that is shared via is extensively tagged. Finding a picture to use as a role model is as simple as doing a basic tag search.

The site itself is quite well-constructed. If you become a registered user you will be able to begin following you friends and see what they are sharing right as they are doing it. And you are not limited to seeing what your friends have been sharing – you are also capable of seeing the hottest images that people have clipped and shared in general.

And if you really become hooked, then you can get the provided bookmarklet and clip and share images without having to leave the page you are on.

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