More – Pinterest For Websites

  • March 26, 2012

Meaki.comWhat would Pinterest look like if it let you clip not images and other media but full websites? Meaki has been built by some people who asked themselves that very same question. And the only way in which they could answer it was by building a product of its very own. This new site lets you “pin” websites and collect them on a board. Only that on, the verb used is not “pin”, it’s “clip”. And the board where all your clipped sites go is called a “clipset”.

Other than that, there’s not a lot more to explain. If you’ve ever used Pinterest before, then you already know what to expect from this site. You’ll be able to store your favorite content (websites in this case) under the same roof, and have it shared with all your friends at once. And you’ll also get to know about these sites that they’re clipping themselves.

The uses of a service like this one, now, are wider than what it seems. Leaving aside personal and leisure uses, something like Meaki can make the lives of people like designers a lot easier. If you’re one, you’ll be able to show clients a gallery of sites with possible layouts that could be used when designing anything. And clients will also be able to put one such gallery together, and have it shared with you. So, you’ll get to know what your clients want without even having to ask a single question. You’ll get to see it with your own eyes.

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More – Share Short Videos

  • March 2, 2012

Gnzo.comGnzo reminds me a lot of Twitter, as it’s a platform that makes for sharing not micro-messages but micro-videos. By installing the Gnzo application on your iPhone, you’ll be able to shoot and share quick videos that will show your friends what you’re up to. Your friends, and every other user of the app if you decide to have your media shared on Gnzo’s “Public” channel. If not, you’ll be sharing them only with the people who’re part of your inner circle.

And in addition to sharing your clips with other users of Gnzo, you can have them shared on your favorite social media sites. These obviously include Twitter and Facebook, and posting them there is done just by tapping the button that applies from within the app.

By default, Gnzo videos last six seconds. The app comes with a multi-video viewer that lets you have up to 30 clips displayed at the same time. A simple search by keyword is going to fill the screen for you. And you can then rearrange all these videos in the way you see fit.

Gnzo is available for free at the App Store.

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More – Make Your Videos Go Retro

  • February 27, 2012

TheArtistifier.comWith the success “The Artist” had last night (romping home with the “Best Movie” and “Best Actor” Academy Awards), the release of a site like this one only makes too much sense. The Artistifier is a site that lets you have a silent movie created, using any clip you might already have. You have to supply the URL where your video is hosted, and you’ll have that turned into a glorious period piece. The image will go black and white, and text will be inserted at these points that a narration is needed for viewers to have an understanding of what they’re watching.

The Artistifier is free to use, and you don’t have to sign up for the service in order to make your clips go retro. As long as you have a video URL at hand then you’ll be able to use this service, and breathe life into any video you have shot.

So, The Artistifier is a sure way to make any clip of yours that little more interesting. The site can produce really professional results in no time at all. Granted, you won’t win an Oscar for what you’ve created. But it’ll be good for a laugh or two with your friends. Not bad for starters.

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More – Save Content Online

  • January 19, 2012

GetHopper.comServices like Citelighter (which let you highlight web content and have it all indexed) are certainly powerful and flexible, but just in case you need an easier alternative to saving and retrieving online information then this new application will do. Hopper lets you save content such as texts, images and links by copying and pasting it (using Ctrl + V), or just by dragging it into the webpage. That will let you get the content back whenever you need it later on. Any device that can access the Internet will let you get it back again, right as if it were on your HD or ZIP drive.

And in addition to being incredible easy to use, Hopper has got the great plus of working without registration. Accounts can be created if you want to organize your data and have it tidied up, but the service can be used without having to sign up for it first. Which turns it into a great tool for capturing content on the fly, of course. You see something you like, you open Hopper on a separate tab and then drag the images or texts there. End of the story.

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More – Share Highlights From Ebooks

  • November 4, 2011 is here to turn the reading of ebooks into the most social of experiences. This new service lets you share the highlights from the books you’re reading with all your friends, and also with other people who’re users of the service. Findings is completely free-to-use, and it lets you share the best parts of not only ebooks but also of every other text that you find online. The point is, if it’s on the Internet then you’ll be able to quote it.

It’s all done using a bookmarklet that lets you have anything you like saved, and turned into something that others can read right away. And as a user of the site, you can also sync Findings with your Amazon Kindle Highlights. That will let you share and discuss your collection of saved passages with all your friends even faster, and in a more organic way.

The creators of Findings are aiming to create a “social commonplace book”, and it’s only fair to say they’re already headed down the right path. The site is really intuitive, and with registration being free then there’s just nothing that could keep you from giving it a spin, is there?

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More – Music Video Television

  • September 15, 2011

Cull.tvUpdating the concept of music television, stands as a way not only to watch appealing video clips but also to discover new artists and (what’s even more interesting) get in touch with them. Of course, that’s nothing surprising at a time in which social services have closed the distances that used to keep performers from their public, and one-to-one interaction with artists have become the norm.

Style-wise, is quite reminiscent of Vimeo. Yet, there’s a major difference at play, and that is the way in which videos are played. On, one is presented with full screen video clips from artists he might have never come across before in his life. And it does so automatically, too. If you visit the site right now, a clip will begin playing after a snappy introduction.

Music lovers will easily get lost in it all, and sit for longer that they even realize watching one clip after the other. People who have a more casual interest in music, now, might find the site provides them with an experience that’s more involving than they really care about. Bear that in mind before setting your browser to And also keep in mind that videos start playing whether you want it or not; they’re set to autoplay when you land on the site.

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More – Share Photos And Videos At The Same Time

  • August 5, 2011

GLMPS.comGLMPS is a new photo sharing application. No, wait, that’s not really it. Sharing photos is only part of what can be done using GLMPS. This new app makes for sharing videos as much as it makes for sharing images. Using it, at the same time that you take a photo using your iPhone’s camera you’ll be shooting a small clip that will become attached to the photo. It’ll become displayed in its bottom-right corner, and it’ll loop indefinitely. By tapping on it, the recipient will be able to see it in full.

A service like this one is just perfect for sharing moments like a baby who is learning to walk, or the instant in which lightning blazes in the sky during an electrical storm. Anything which is brief (and whose true appeal resides exactly in that briefness) will be conveyed wonderfully using this new iPhone application.

GLMPS is a free application. You’ll be using it within minutes of having downloaded it from the App Store. Just follow this link to get started.

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More – Clip And Share Images

  • July 8, 2011

Clipbook.itA new image sharing platform, enables anybody to spread these images that he has found when browsing the Internet, and which he feels other would enjoy watching. Or that they might derive some uses from, too – a platform like makes for getting lots of ideas for renovating your own house, or for designing any kind of logo. That happens because all that is shared via is extensively tagged. Finding a picture to use as a role model is as simple as doing a basic tag search.

The site itself is quite well-constructed. If you become a registered user you will be able to begin following you friends and see what they are sharing right as they are doing it. And you are not limited to seeing what your friends have been sharing – you are also capable of seeing the hottest images that people have clipped and shared in general.

And if you really become hooked, then you can get the provided bookmarklet and clip and share images without having to leave the page you are on.

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More – Share Your Videos With The World

  • May 5, 2011

Viddy.coInstagram for videos. That definition captures the essence of this new iPhone app like nothing else. Viddy will let you take any video that you have shot using your iPhone, edit it using a simple user interface right there and then, and post it online for all to see, comment and share further on.

Of course, users of Viddy can actually follow each other around, and favorite any video that they come across and like enough to watch time and again.

The edition of the actual videos is unarguably the best aspect of the whole application, as you will be able to give any clip you have shot a truly cinematic twist, regardless of you actual technical skills. And it is something that a platform such as Tout (which can also be used to share videos) does not let you do.

And note that versions of Viddy for other devices are being developed as of the time of writing this. These include not only other mobile phones but also tablets and related devices.

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More – Share Videos With Your iPhone

  • April 25, 2011

Vidcinity.comVidcinity is a platform for the sharing of videos, with a strong emphasis on geo-locating what is being shared. Users of this new iPhone app can upload all the videos that they shoot to a map, and then others will understand exactly where they were shot at once. By taking that information along with the descriptions that can be provided by uploaders, they will instantly get to realize whether such videos are something they would enjoy watching or not.

Vidcinity makes it possible for users to find videos at the location they currently are at. If you are attending a sports match, or any event that lends itself to people shooting plays then you will be able to see things through the eyes of any other spectator in attendance thanks to an app like this one.

To some extent, I suppose it can be said this app takes online video and puts in a place where the best of Twitter intersects with the best of Foursquare. That is an interesting way to look at it, and while it is impossible to say whether it will be as successful as either, Vidcinity is a social sharing tool that comes at a time in which these are in more demand than ever.

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More – Collect Videos And Share Them

  • April 19, 2011

Squrl.comSqurl is positioning itself as a very interesting platform for the collection and management of online videos. Using this service, users are able to aggregate videos from all over the Internet, and with the one device they habitually use for web-browsing – their desktop computers, their smartphones, their tablets…

The aggregation of videos takes place by using a bookmarklet, or straight from the application. The result will be the same in both cases, as the video is going to be stored for viewing it later on.

And that visualization is going to be as collective as the user wants. That is what gives Squrl its true edge – you can invite all your friends to watch any funny/poignant video that you have come across when you were online, and you can also browse through the videos others are sharing. These are actually presented in curated lists that make getting to the really interesting clips all the more instant. And you can even begin following other users of, and be one of the first to know when anything that could appeal to you has materialized.

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More – Say What You Think Using Videos

  • April 13, 2011

Videorum.orgTo many, forums have had their day. But those who could appreciate the fine nuances of interacting in such a context are not really going to surrender the flag that easily. Just take a look at this site. It is named Videorum, and it basically is a forum in which people interact by uploading videos, no less.

These are about 30 seconds in length, and the idea is to keep everything going at a steady rate. Because a fact is a fact – microsharing services (a la Twitter) have radically redefined the way in which people assimilate content online nowadays. The way things stand right now, something which is just slightly longer will be bypassed, and duly forgotten by the crowd.

So, this site aims to take the naturalness that has always characterized forums and infuse it with the conciseness of some of the freshest social sites around. It remains moot whether such an approach will succeed or not. But at least someone is trying, and that has to be commended.

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More – Curate Online Content

  • March 20, 2011

Curate.usAccording to the team who has built it, came to be when they realized there was not a way to share online content that looked good, which linked back to the original source and that (most of all) let its creator know how and where others where reposting his original content. addresses all these concerns at once. It lets anybody come up with visually-attractive clips and automatically formatted quotes that can be embedded just wherever he wants. These lead the viewer straight to the original context in which the content was published. And the ones who created it can track precisely where did each visit come from, and understand where to focus in order to have a more widely-read blog or site.

So, thanks to the creative kind and those who are active sharers of original content are brought together in a way which guarantees the integrity of the content itself is not being compromised at all.

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More – Create Social Videos

  • March 14, 2011

Flixlab.comIf you have some great pictures and clips on your iPhone and you can see them combined into something better and bigger in your mind, then this app is for you. Flixlab makes for taking all the media that you have stored on your mobile, and create something really close to a professional-looking movie. And it lets you do that regardless of how technically-minded you are, and whether or not you have ever edited media in your life before.

Flixlab lets you take your raw video footage, and add themes and music to it while applying as many effects as you want. Plus, you can turn the whole process into something truly collaborative – you are allowed to invite friends to add their own pictures and songs, and to all intents and purposes remix your creation. And the end results can be shared on Facebook, for all to see, comment and remix further on. The fact that people can be tagged simply makes everything stand all the more usable and enjoyable.

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More – Audio Broadcasts On A Map

  • March 8, 2011

Broadcastr.comEven if you are really witty, the written word has limitations for conveying stories and incidents. Sometimes, events have to be communicated orally. Only when being narrated like that can the other person understand their true emotional significance – a mere change in pitch expresses in a second what would take two entire paragraphs in writing. Oral messages have a directness that is hard to match.

Now imagine, if you will, what would happen if you could share broadcasts in a geo-localized way. Imagine if you had a map for a placing a marker on, signalling the exact location that the story you want to narrate took place at. Well, that is what Broadcastr lets you do.

On Broadcastr, you can record yourself and have the clips uploaded to the site, while being able to circumscribe the region that the clip is connected with by placing a marker on a world map. Others will be able to listen to them, knowing in advance where the narration in question takes place, and being able to relate to everything far more quickly.

And the site also makes for uploading any old recordings that you might have. In both cases (new and old recordings) we are talking about clips that must be shorter than 3 minutes.

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More – Share Playlists With Friends

  • January 31, 2011

Meltinpop.comMeltinpop is a new social game that has the objective of letting people know more about the world. This game has users picking their favorite topics, and then creating playlists with videos connected with these topics. Others will then be able to go through these lists, and mix them with the lists that they have created themselves. The new lists will then be playable by just anybody – them, you and just any other person who uses the site.

The topics that the site encompasses include everything from the songs that have been covered on Glee performed by the original artists, roadtrip music, YouTube memes…

These topics (or themes, as they are called on the site) can be kept as public or private as the user wishes. The real fun lies in keeping them open and readily accessible to everybody else, as only then will people be able to contribute in earnest. Still, it is good to see that the option to keep things to yourself and to a selected couple of friends has been included.

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More – Share Parts Of Videos

  • January 7, 2011

SnipSnip.itIf you are a blogger, you must occasionally recommend videos to your readers. And I am sure you get a kind of awkward feeling when you instruct them to jump to 2:41 or whatever manually to see the part of the video that is interesting. I mean, that is not a problem or something to worry about under any concept, but the fact remains a more practical solution should be devised – something that could let you highlight the portion of the video itself directly. Well, that is what Snip Snip It does.

This simple web tool will let you choose the fragments of videos that you want to share with others, and then a URL linking to these portions will be created for you to spread at will.

In this way, your visitors or readers will get to see exactly what you mean. No longer will they have to do something as fussy as jumping back and forth manually. And a fact is a fact: the easier you make things for them, then the more loyal they will become.

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More – Bookmark Moments In Videos

  • January 6, 2011

EverytimeHQ.comThis is one that will come in really handy if your job involves video editing. You see, Everytime stands as a bookmarking tool for specific moments within any clip that you are working with.

Are you editing a music video and you need to point to someone the exact moment in which there is a key change? No problem. Just add a bookmark and he will be able to jump straight to that portion of the video. It sure beats sending him a message instructing him to jump to 3:42 manually.

That is only one of many examples that easily spring to mind. If anything, it can be said that (on the whole) an application like Everytime will let creative types deconstruct any piece they find inspiring, and understand how it was all put together to begin with. Having a grasp on the work of great masters will become something much easier, and also more enjoyable since everything can take on a more collaborative nature. Any person who gets inspiration from sounds and images should make a point of checking this application out.

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More – Letting You Market Your Videos Online

  • November 4, 2010

Videolla.comCan you imagine what would happen if you took YouTube, and then you crossed it with Netflix? Yes, that is right: you would be getting a platform for publishing paid premium videos. Just like Videolla. This site lets you upload any video that you have shot and then set down the pricing that will have to be paid by those who consume it.

Videos can be sold and resold, and uploaders can give punters the option to rent them as well. And subscription plans can also be made available.

The company itself is going to take care of distributing and streaming all your videos for you. It will also take care of the actual billing, so saying that once you have uploaded the video all you have to do is to sit back and wait for an income to be generated is not too much of an exaggeration. Monthly payouts are handled via PayPal, bank transfer or check.

You can register for a Videolla account in just one minute or two, and there are no signup fees to be paid.

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More – Upload Long Videos To YouTube

  • October 7, 2010

VidSnip.comUploading long videos to YouTube has always been possible, provided you had the time and the patience to split them up in as many parts as it was needed and then upload each one of these parts individually.

It turns out that such a lengthy process has now become a thing of the past.

This application is what has made the difference. VidSnip is a web-based tool that will let you have any video that is longer than 15 minutes automatically broken down in as many segments as you need, and uploaded to YouTube. All you have to do is upload the video to VidSnip’s server for it to be processed.

And VidSnip will also take care of creating a playlist with all the separate segments for people to know what to watch, and in which order. They will enjoy the clip in the exact way that you intended.

VidSnip works on a credit system. As you can imagine, the longer the video then the more credits that it will cost you to have it converted. In any case, you can start a free trial and have a first-hand sample of the way the website works all by yourself.

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