More – Chuck Baldwin For President

  • June 2, 2008

ChuckBaldwinLive.comAs you know, this year US National Elections are going to be celebrated. There are six candidates still in race: the ones that have better possibilities (Obama, Clinton and McCain) and the ones that are still in race but their aims are to achieve the major quantity of senators as possible.

Chuck Baldwin is one of the Presidential Candidates for the Constitution Party. is the official website that promotes his candidature and you will get all the information about his proposals and his opinions about different relevant issues of today’s world. You are allowed to know personal information about the candidate with his biography posted for you at the website. The site also provides its visitors with videos and interviews of Chuck Baldwin and many types of archives too. You will read some interesting articles. For example, one that talks about his father who was an alcoholic until he was 40 years old. Since he was 40, he stopped drinking and he died at the age of 86. Incredible but true.

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HillaryProject.Com – The Hillary Clinton Project

  • May 19, 2008

HillaryProject.ComThe Hillary Project reports the news about Hillary Clinton that the regular media refuses to. The creators of this website are not against a female president; the problem they have is directly related to Hillary Clinton.

In order to become president of the United States you need to have a successful career, get things done, and with the best interest of the country at the forefront of its decision making. They think that Hillary has failed at every project assigned to her during her last stay in the Whitehouse. Its prime goal is that you make this site as your source for knowledge about Hillary and realize that it is extremely important that citizens keep her out of the Whitehouse. If you want to learn more about this website’s contributors, visit the About Us section. You can become a contributor yourself; all you have to do is contact them in order to submit your news. HillaryProject.Com

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More – Express Yourself and Join a Cause

  • April 29, 2008

outquib.comoutquib is a place where you can take a look and see what people are thinking about. Whether you want outsiders input on the age old question chocolate or vanilla ice cream or you want to get peoples opinion on whether or not they think that it is the United State’s responsibility to police the world, outquib has a debate that I am sure will interest you.

You can see all of the recent debates and posts on the homepage. If there is a specific topic that you would like to search for you can do a key word search. When you find a debate you are interested in looking at you simply click on the title and you can see all of the back and forth posts and debates that have been made. There is a section with the statistics of the debate such as: how many people are involved, total posts, when it stated, and posts per week. There is even a pie graph that displays the outcome of opinions. You can take a look at other users’ profiles and see which debates they have contributed to. You can browse the site all you want but if you are interested in participating or creating your own debate topic you must create a user name. There is a cause site as well which is similar to a group feature. If there is a cause you think is important you can gain support at outquib by having other users join you. Debate and learn more at

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More – Up To Date Election News

  • April 17, 2008 offers American readers up to date information on their upcoming elections and the current presidential race.

With the latest poll results, following the candidate selection process is made very easy for readers. The blog style website gives readers a glimpse into what the political landscape of America is shaping up to be in the next couple of years. With well researched articles and reliable sources, you can rely on the fact that the information you get from this website is going to be factual. Updates sometimes occur within minutes of each other, so keeping up with the latest news on the website might be kind of hard. That is were the RSS feed feature comes in. By subscribing to the feed you’ll get the latest updates without having to visit the site constantly. Readers can post articles too. The best reader articles are recommended for other readers to read through.

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More – Track and Compare Information

  • March 22, 2008

Trendrr.comHave you ever felt the urge to compare the number of friends Britney Spears has on MySpace with the number of daily page views her profile receives? Or maybe you’ve had the desire to track more intellectual themes? Trendrr provides you with the necessary tools to track and compare any type of data. You can track a single theme- such as articles that mention the words “Obama” and “Mexico” over a given time frame, or you can compare existing data (and follow the trends forward), such as “new recipes for banana pie” and “new recipes for apple pie.

” You can also drag and overlay maps for further comparison. In addition, all maps are fully customizable.

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More – Show Your Support

  • February 26, 2008

HillaryStore.comThis interesting site is an official “Hillary Clinton for President” online store that sells merchandise with the above mentioned theme. In there you can buy jackets, stickers, hats, labels, buttons, lapel pins, signs, accessories and much more.

You should know that the site explains is brought to you by the authorized vendor Financial Innovations, which is the official resource for “Hillary Clinton for President” merchandise and that any purchase on is considered a federal contribution for the full amount. All proceeds go to Hillary Clinton for President. In terms of design the site is very well organized and the products are categorized with detail. In case you are looking for something specific, the site contains a powerful search tool that will help you find any given product in seconds.

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More – Candidates on the Issues

  • February 13, 2008

OnTheIssues.orgHave you ever wondered how a specific politic feels about a common issue of your interest? Have you ever wanted to have all the information about political candidates together regarding all subjects? If your answer is yes, then be sure to check out this site. OnTheIssues.

com is a HUGE site that offers every known politician’s take on all common and not so common social issues, with real accurate documentation. If you want to use your next vote more consciously, stop by this site and get to know the way Mrs. Clinton stands regarding abortion, the way Huckabee stands regarding drugs, the way McCain stands regarding civil rights, or the way Obama feels about immigration. The site also features comprehensive and very interested graphics and poll results related to the Bush government. Interesting site!

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