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  • April 30, 2008

PsychiatricTimes.comThough these times of ours are undoubtedly crazy, Psychiatric Times does not deal with the world, but what happens inside the heads of people who live in it. This site is the digital version of a homonymous print journal presenting original research papers on psychiatry and mental health submitted by mental health professionals from around the world, plus reviews of other papers and related websites.

You can explore the majority of the journal’s contents online, create an account to discuss them with other readers, or take advantage of the several resources, indexes and scales available at the site. Interestingly, presents archives of its past issues on the site, and they can be explored by area and topic, so there is a variety of knowledgebases dealing with everything from schizophrenia to OCD and addictions. I couldn’t find any information on whether the journal is peer-reviewed or not, which seems like a crucial bit, as scientific journals derive most of their prestige from this editorial approach; it’s certainly a minor fault, but one that should be corrected promptly. If you are interested in finding about advertising on the journal, the good news is that all the information is available directly from the site, so you needn’t mail them with your questions.

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