More – Motivate Employees And Give Awards

  • February 4, 2012

For Human Resources managers, it is a challenge to evaluate employees’ performance and commitment. is a web service that will give you resources to handle and motivate your staff in the best possible way.

Their site describes clearly all the tools you will have access to, among which you will find one to track and visualize work Objectives organized hierarchically. You can integrate this with Outlook software, and use a secure role based access for employees, managers or executives.

A social tool will give a community touch for goal completions, which will allow workmates to give each other feedback or find support and as a consequence increase the team‘s cohesion.

Also, you will be able to introduce some fun in the tasks you set your workforce to do. You can do this by defining levels and leader-boards. On the same track, you will do a lot for motivation by handing honors and recognition, adding to the game side of generating a good climate in your business.

Recognition of tasks and achievements is as important as good payment to make your employees feel satisfied and feel the motivation to effort themselves in doing good work. There may be cases in which some people quit better payed jobs to work for less payment but in a good working climate. So every time you award a recognition badge,‘s tools will allow workers to add their awards on their profiles.

So in combining task assignments with social media and other web tools aimed at generating game like activities, fun will be added to your organization‘s daily routine. This will give you more commitment on the part of employees as a result.

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More – Online Weather Search

  • January 16, 2012

ClimateFinder.comCheck this site before deciding where you’ll spend your holidays. lets you know how the weather is in any part of the world, in a way that’s really intuitive. This site lets you look for places that are either “Pleasant and sunny” or “Hot and sunny” in the month of the year of your choice, and you can pick the unit you want to use (both “metric” and “US” are available for you to choose). And it’s also possible to look for places that are “Cold and snowy”. Hey, not everybody is sick and tired of snow. There are countries where it never snows, you know.

In each and every case, the results will be displayed on a Google map. Markers will be used to show you the areas fitting your search criteria 100%. And as with any other Google map, you can switch to a satellite view whenever you want. Whatever lets you understand the data that’s displayed better.

And if you have the time. you’ll be able to carry out an advanced search that lets you combine lots of different climate variables. These include the average minimum and maximum daily temperature throughout the month, the number of days that it hasn’t rained, the rate of humidity and the average wind speed.

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Interesting Scientific Blog –

  • July 31, 2009

Interesting Scientific BlogIt seems to me that this blog’s author knows what he talks about. I am say that because the first impression you have when you land on this blog is that it is a very organized body of knowledge you can trust on.

If you want to make sure that the information you will find on this blog is accurate you just need to navigate through it for a couple of minutes and you will confirm your first impression. The Sci Guy can be found on and is written by Eric Berger, who gives you a wide assortment of articles you will find very interesting if you life science and topics like evolution and more.

Among the topics you will find on this blog are Archaeology, Biology and Astronomy, as well as Chemistry, Climate change, and other topics related to technology and science. Interesting Scientific Blog

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Scientific Data About The Climate –

  • July 31, 2009

Scientific Data About The ClimateThis is quite an interesting blog where you will have the chance to find a whole lot of information about on climate science. The blog is held by working climate scientists that give you all the information you might need in order to be well informed about different climate related matters.

This is a blog that is usually interesting to the general public and journalists that are looking for detailed scientific data. You nee d to know that all the discussion you will be able to join on this blog are only about scientific topic. Therefore, if you are looking for something else that has not to do with science do not waste your time.

There is also a moderated forum where you can post your comments and main ideas.

Scientific Data About The Climate

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More – Personalizing Energy Consumption

  • October 28, 2008

WattzOn.comThis site is a portal that will let you make a contribution to the global climate change situation by tracking your energy consumption and comparing it with other individuals in order to understand the consequences it has regarding climate change.

Basically, WattzOn will enable you to measure the amount of power (in watts) that are necessary for supporting the different aspects of your lifestyle.

In addition to weighing up the energy consumption of activities, site users can find about the impact of their belongings through the featured Embodied Energy Database.

In order to do so, you must sign up beforehand. This process is free, and it is dealt with in a matter of minutes. You energy breakdown can then be calculated by visiting the pertinent section of the site and supplying the information which is requested. The main page includes an “Average User’s Energy Usage” as well as highlighting the energy breakdown of the latest users that have joined in.

The WattzOn team can be contacted at [email protected]. Make sure to drop them a line to show them your appreciation if you use this web-based service.

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More – Are You Climate Conscious?

  • June 18, 2008 is a site on climate science developed by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalists. offers quick responses to developing stories and provides the context sometimes missing when telling such stories. The information and discussions presented in this website are restricted to scientific topics based in strict science. The subjects considered are on the most important issues to be addressed by the people concerned and committed to climate matters, like aerosols, Arctic and Antarctic, climate modeling, El Nino, geoengineering, greenhouse gases, hurricanes, oceans and much, much more. You also have sections that sections with extra information about what are being done to understand seriously the climate issue and who are studying the phenomenon. Check the Attic, Comment Policy, Contributor bio’s, FAQ, Glossary, in the News, reviews, and supplemental data. You can read and be part of the Forums if you prefer a proactive approach. Keep in mind that learning what is going on with our planet’s climate and acting accordingly, are among our top responsibilities as humans.

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More – Weather Data Aggregation

  • June 2, 2008

MetaWeather.comMetaWeather is a weather data aggregation tool. This site collects weather update information from numerous sources, and produces this output, which is a conglomerated average of all of the data received.

The thought behind this site is that the more sources consulted to make a weather prediction, the more likely the information will be accurate. Users can search by location, or select a region on the interactive map. The daily and two-day forecasts are provided, complete with temperature, conditions, and wind movements. Consulted sources are also cited, allowing the user to click on those sites for more information.

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More – Long Range Weather Planning

  • June 2, 2008

Dryday.comIf you want to know weather forecast for your city, take a look at this site. Moreover, if your income relies on the weather conditions, you need to be informed on the future climate forecasts.

If you have done a harvest and you’d like to know if there will be many dry periods, you should check out this site then. At you will access to accurate and up to date information so that you can take your business decisions. They have done lots of scientific researches so that eighty five percent of the info is likely to be right. In case you are planning an event and you were thinking of doing it outdoors, you can check this web site before choosing the date. They have forecasts not only for the current year but also for some months of the following year. On the web site there is a list containing all the states and its forecasts.

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Data-Wales.Co.Uk – Information About Wales Online

  • May 27, 2008

Data-Wales.Co.UkData Wales is a website that offers notes on some aspects of Welsh history and culture. It is a privately funded, independent service based in south Wales.

This website has the mission to provide a useful resource for those members of the Web community with an interest in Wales and its history. They carry notes aimed at helping first-time visitors to Wales and some facts and figures about it. Some of these features are Language, Currency, Climate, Geography, Tourism, Agriculture and Industry, Emblems, St. David, History, Culture, and Statistics. It is written, illustrated and published in Wales. The site contains some links relating to notes or a more personal interest. If you are planning a visit you should click on the links of the museums, the Gower Peninsula, and the outdoor activities in Wales. You can click on the links available at the website to learn more and get more information about Wales. Data-Wales.Co.Uk

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More – Great Family Getaways

  • May 26, 2008

Estes-Park.comEstes-park is the site of a beautiful valley millions of people have visited for millions of years, where you can enjoy every single aspect of this valley, such as the beautiful mountain scenery, moderate climate and the abundant wildlife you are able to find. The village of Estes Park is surrounded by the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Roosevelt National Forest, and you will be able to find many hiking trails, wildlife habitats, and many different scenic drives.

There are many different sections in which you will be able to find cottages, cabins, hotels, lodges, suites, motels, condos, ranches, resorts, bed and breakfast, and many other different lodging opportunities, within the Lodging section. Within this site you will be able to find all the different activities, such as adventurous, take it easy, with the kids, at the park, dining, shopping, attractions, entertainment, day tripping, events, seasons and activity list; all these activities depend on the season you desire to visit, that is why you will find different specials and activities within the Specials section.

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More – All The Junk That’s Fit To Debunk

  • May 23, 2008 is the site of a group of people who fights for a right practice of the science.

They carry on their work by reporting all the science disasters that human kind is producing, and predicating the right uses of scientific discoveries. They have the vision of manipulating science for other than laudable ends; that is why they devote time, energy, and intelligence to the defense of the scientific truths. The site’s founders, Milloy and Henderson, have written several books about this subject, and maintain an active service in other social organisms. At you can access all the news about global climate science and new phenomenon actually occurring. Find everything related to global climate change, global warming, carbon folly, and more relevant topics. There is also a long list of related books that you can order and buy through the web. If you are really committed with science, you can make your donation online.

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More – Global Warming Signs

  • May 22, 2008

Climatehotmap.orgNowadays, almost no one discusses the real threat global warming represents for us. Anyway, some governments and organizations haven’t still recognized global warming as something real, and they continue without changing their environmental policies.

In order to raise awareness about this serious issue, this website was created. features a series of articles, news, and investigations about the effects of global warming on our planet today and the ones that are about to come, unless we do something about it. In order to support this, the website features a map of the world with all the major weather and environmental phenomenons record on the last few years on every place of the planet. So, by clicking over any region, you can see all what has been going on there, with explanations. Finally, you can get your own copy of the map and get in contact with its creator in case you want to help the, or ask for further information.

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More – Environmental Education Online

  • May 14, 2008

Eelink.netEE-Link strives to provide environmental education on the internet. It is has 5400 links under 300 categories that will take you to resources on climate change, global warming, lesson plans, endangered species, national and international events and much more.

You can look at the different categories such as teacher resources, higher education, calendar, community and many more. If not you can always use the search engine bar. Apart from this, in this site you can also find the latest news on these topics. If you subscribe online, you will have access to all of the news provided by this site. If you are looking for a job then this site can be of great use for you. If you subscribe online to this site then you will receive weekly job listing that will help you find the perfect job for you. If you are looking to hire employees then this site can help you too as well. You can also join to submit a job and find the right professional.

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More – Weather Alerts And Climate Data

  • May 9, 2008

Weathernet5.comAre you planning a vacation for the next days? Would you like to know if it’s going to be sunny or rainy? If that is the case, might be a good option to keep in mind. This is a weather forecast site, where you can find all about radars and weather alerts, in addition to climate data and more.

You can use to find weather maps and local weather information to plan your vacation with no surprises. Many users stop by this 7 day weather forecast website and use its services to be updated with the latest weather forecast.

Would you like to learn about weather world forecast? Are you looking for weather maps for Europe? Then, could be the right site for you to visit. If you want to get local weather information, in addition to use a 7 day weather forecast services, feel free to stop by

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More – Protect the World

  • March 10, 2008

Climateprotect.orgUsually when people hear the stuff that is being said about the global warming, they don’t pay any attention and some even comment that is a myth. But if you, in the other hand, feel very interested about the climate and the pollution, you can start making a difference today.

And you can start right now by visiting the Alliance for Climate Protection web page. On this site you will learn all the information you will like to know about how you can make a difference. You will have the possibility of reading all their tips about the different ways you can help the environment from your home, your work, at the store, and in your community. Reading all about this association and the support they receive from different places, is also a possibility that this web page offers you. Testimonies of people and the way they contribute are also available on this site. And if you are still skeptical about the critical situation the world is going through, you can take a look at some shocking videos.

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More – All Kind of Seeds Online

  • September 11, 2007

americanmeadows.comLooking for seeds to buy online? offers you top-quality seed to buy online with all the needed guarantees for you and your seeds.

The site offers a great variety of different seed for you to check out. Offering a specialized menu for you to get to know all the seeds you could possibly buy. Also the site offers you a special menu option to check out the climate all around the U.S in order to make the right choice for your seeds. The site also offers another menu option where seed lovers can post their pictures of their gardens or any picture they want in order to show the development of their seeds. As well, the site offers some special discounts and offers for you have the possibility to buy any seed you want and save as much as possible of your money.

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