More – Short URLs With Analytics

  • September 30, 2008

Cli.gsCligs is a URL service that provides users with detailed information as regards traffic statistics of short URLs. It is set apart from typical URL shortening services because it employs an HTTP 301 permanent redirect when it comes to forwarding cligs to their destinations, as well as a wealth of traffic analytics that paint a more comprehensive picture.

These include referral statistics and total number of hits, as well as the most recent clig’s mentions on Twitter. Further analytics include recent blog and web links to the destination along with bookmarks of the destination.

Cligs accounts are free, and those who are interested in getting one can register in a hassle-free manner. A service guide that shows the fine points of the short URL creation process is thankfully included, and a blog is also featured. Lastly, additional guidance is provided on the Cligs mailing list. You can receive it in your inbox by furnishing your e-mail address when prompted.

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