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More – Keep Track of Contact with Clients

  • August 9, 2007

ClientScribe.comAny REALTOR, or any businessman for that matter knows the importance of keeping a paper trail of the contacts that they have had with their clients so they can easily access them in case there is ever a problem or an argument about what may have been said in an earlier conversation. At ClientScribe.

com the company helps business owners keep track of these sort of things. The prices are very reasonable, the smallest package is free, for ten clients or less, above that the prices can scale from $5 a month to a still reasonable $25 a month. ClientScribe can be used for not only conversation logs and contacts, but the service can be used to send and save SMS messages, emails, and faxes. If a client needs more or less storage space, they can either upgrade or downgrade their service plan at anytime.

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