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More – Browser Detection Made Very Easy

  • May 22, 2008

BrowserObject.comBrowserObject is a .NET/PHP component detecting Web Browser capabilities such as supported technologies and version that is running on the clients.

It provides detailed information such as Web Browser name, version, JavaScript, Plug-ins, screen resolution, IP address, cookies, language, client time and more in real-time to the Web server. BrowserObject consists server-side .NET managed control. This native .NET component can be integrated seamlessly with ASP.NET projects written with C# or VB.NET. In addition, BrowserObject also available in PHP version where you can intergrate BrowserObject module into your Unix/Linux based server as well. BrowserObject can help developers to determine the Web browser clients supported features and limitation. It can bring better Web experience to customers if webmasters personalized their Web design using the information from BrowserObject.

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