More – Track Your Time & Expenses Online

  • December 11, 2009

ClickTime.comIf you run your own company you probably have a tool like ClickTime that you use frequently, but in case you are new to the scene and are building up your library of resources this might come in more than handy.

Generally speaking, ClickTime stands as a browser-based timesheet software application that will let you keep every single task in track both in terms of time and overall expenditures.

Aspects such as the accounting of costs and payrolls can be fully monitored through it, and you can produce and print reports in a very easy manner.

The best way to move beyond the basics (as described above) and grasp the nuances of systems such as this one is by actually putting them to the task. As far as ClickTime is concerned, that is made possible since a free trial is provided. This trial amounts to 30 days, and when signing up you can prioritize these aspects that you are keener on testing out from the following: “Timesheet approvals”, “Expense tracking”, “Time of accruals” and “Audit trail / DCAA”.

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