More – Reciprocal Site Promotion

  • July 20, 2011

Clickochet.comClickochet (short for “click ricochet”) is a marketplace like no other. Here, what people trade are advertisements. Those who have a site to promote can proceed to have it listed on the sites belonging to other users of Cickochet, for a reciprocal exchange. One advertises his site on other people’s, and other people advertise theirs on his. This eliminates (or redefines) the roles of advertisers and publishers – they become all and one the same. On Clickochet, everybody is advertising what he does, and promoting what others do.

Clickochet is a free platform. People help each other mutually here. Nobody charges anything for the exposure that he is giving to any person’s site, and he won’t be charged by others either.

And Clickochet is not only free to use – it is also a site you can get acquainted with very easily. There is no need to register for an account in order to get started. People can sign in with either their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and start swapping promotional spots with every other person who is on the site.

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