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  • May 22, 2008 is a program created for the better education for children; this site has the mission to become the foremost provider of engaging and highly interactive software and scientific research based curriculum.

Click N Read Phonics is a proven concept for teaching children to read and retain with measurable results. There are many sections, such as the Parents section, with important information, such as Why It’s The Best, What Children Learn, Progress Reports, Research Based, Home School Phonics, System Requirements, and other products such as the Interactive DVD System, High-Quality Low Cost Children’s Headphones, Keyboard and Mouse sets. Within the Schools section, you will be able to find the opportunity of a School Free Trial, Research Based, Usage Report, NCLB and CLRN, Core Correlations, State Correlations, Case Study, System Requirements, and among many more, you can also find other School Products, such as Boomboxes, Cassette Players, DVD Players, wired and wireless headphones and headphone packs and many other products.

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